Friday, September 5, 2014

turn your dreams into plans.

i wish i fit into those pants
i wish i could wear that
i wish i looked more like her
i wish i could pull off that trend
i wish i didn't have these love handles
i wish this muffin top would go away
i wish that my skin wouldn't hang down to my knees
i wish i could rock a swimsuit on our next cruise

turn your dreams into plans, and your cant's into CAN's!

the 21 day fix program is on sale this month and i am just THRILLED to share it with all of you! i actually am re-starting T25 with my hubby for our cruise in november because i totally fell off, but i am totally going to be ordering this 21 day fix to start soon and implement with my T25 in some sort of way!
for me, clean eating is the hardest thing there is. i just don't know how. like seriously, where do i begin?! i also have this horrible mentality that eating clean means i have to live off something nasty like broccoli and squash but that is not true at all!

  • do you want to lose weight? (were talking up to 15 pounds in 21 days here!!)
  • do you want a chance to win $200?!
  • are you wanting to tone up?
  • have a goal to fit in a certain dress?!
  • want to look great this fall in your skinny jeans?
  • want to learn how to eat better?
  • struggle with proper portion sizes?
  • want to teach your family how to live healthy?!
  • need a lifestyle change?!

21 day fix is for you!! this program will absolutely teach you how to change your lifestyle for success.

used with permission

the 21 day fix will come with a meal guide, 7 work outs (30 minutes! totally do-able!!), containers for proper portions with designated food groupings AND shakeology!!!

let me know if you are ready to take the plunge and join me in our motivational group where you can win $200!

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