Friday, October 10, 2014

10 in 10

i am the worlds worst blogger.

and this post is just going to prove that, because its not even going to be a real post.


i entered a photo of crue to the Twin Cities Moms Blog, and the winner won a free photo session. turns out? we won!!! also turns out? the photos were only 10 minutes long, and held early in the morning of his first birthday party. that same birthday party i scheduled to start at noon since my kid sleeps until 11am and that hour in between would have been perfect to set up & get ready!


we woke crue up at 730am so we could make it to the photos in time, all the while i couldn't help but think we were totally wasting our time because how many pictures can one get in 10 minutes of a walking one year old? of my one year old at 8am?!


he just turned one, and i wanted all the pictures we could possibly get during this time. we were meeting with a new photographer and i loved that too! i can never find enough photographers here in the twin cities.

turns out that since crue has maybe been awake a total of 3 times at 8am, this went about as well as i had imagined. we didn't feed him before we left, trying to allow him as much sleep as possible - so of course all he wanted to do there was drink his bottle (which turns out, was the last bottle he had, so i absolutely love having some of those photos)! isaiah and i couldn't leave his side, and if we were more than 2 feet away, C began a serious melt down.

he was 50% cautious, 50% curious and 100% sleepy.

all photos by sara montour

every time i look at these photos i love them more. they totally caught the raw emotions of this little boy and i am so thankful for that. i hope we can shoot with sara again when he is more himself! ;)


  1. First of all, I love the new blog look! Second of all, the pics turned out really cute even if he was super sleepy!

  2. I would have never guessed he was sleep deprived....the photos are SO adorable!!