Thursday, October 23, 2014

typical fall doings.

i don't know why i live here in the midwest, and can't find an amazing place to go to in the fall that has ALL THE NECESSITIES. im talking punkins, apples, hay rides & corn mazes - ALL IN ONE!
not that i mind making multiple trips for these fun activities, but it gets hard to plan for such events when its usually colder than alaska by now.
thankfully its been absolutely beautiful and we've actually been able to enjoy fall as what looks to be a full season vs a quick weekend or two!

one afternoon we went to the apple orchard with some friends of ours that had just moved here from AZ (met through the blogging community!) and their darling two boys. crue had an absolute BLAST following them around and observing everything they did! ashley texted me later in the day and said that her oldest, axel - kept asking her where crue was! awwwww. i melt.

we decided to give crue an apple and i was totally blown away when i saw that he had actually been able to break the skin and bite into it! i don't know if i should have been so surprised? though we were, incredibly. he chowed on the apples the entire time and ended up eating two whole ones before we left!

now we know a new thing that'll keep him occupied, ha!

see also? shout out to the hubby for spending an absurd $11/lb on apples just so we could pick our own. do you know how many apples we fit into our 1lb bag they gave us?! 6! and then the bag broke. COOL. so note to self. apples are so much cheaper at target and trader joes! the things we do for these memories!

shorts in september! its the little things people.

someday ill learn how to take better photos when its bright as balls (for a lack of a better word) out. 


  1. So cute, I love that he ate 2 whole apples!

  2. So many things I love:
    a) your new blog look!
    b) meeting up with blogger buddies (but still so jealous we haven't met for real yet)
    c) i didn't think it was possible, but crue is cuter than ever
    d) you, momma, look gorgeous! ;)

  3. I would happily pay that just to go to an orchard, I've almost never even seen apple trees in real life (since there are none where I come from)!

  4. Crue has got to be the most stylish little guy I've ever known. Seriously. I cannot get over it. And he's cuter every single day.