Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

crue: 15 M0NTHS!

i wasn't sure how i would do these monthly updates after C turned 1, or if i would do them at all - but after today's 15 month check up with stats, i realized how much i want to remember these. of course i missed month 13&14, so i think i'll stick to the larger "milestone" months and when we get to 24, i can re-evaluate. for now, i won't think about my baby being two!

doctor appointment: 11/18/14 (just a little late!)

height: 31 1/4in // 44%tile
weight: 21lb 13oz // 31% (19lb 6oz at his 12 month appt)
head: 18in // 52% (finally averaging out with his body, his head use to be in the 90%tile!)

i feel like he may be a little bit taller than what they got measured, because he had a HUGE growth spurt since his birthday and no longer can wear his 6-12month pants because they're all too short. we definitely outgrew 6-12 faster than any size prior to that! 

i was a little worried about his vocabulary, or lack there of. crue says "dada, beau beau, hi, ha ha, and ho ho ho" at the drop of a hat but it doesn't extend to much beyond that. every once in a while he will say mama, fishies or vroom vroom but those words are far more scarce. the pediatrician said 3-5 words right now is JUST fine and we shouldn't worry! that was nice to hear. 

c man is REALLY good at understanding things. puts his hands together when we tell him to say his prayers, throws all of his diapers away, grabs the towel from the kitchen to wipe up anything he spills, throws anything you ask him to away (he's a huge fan of tossing stuff in the garbage!), will find his shoes, his paci, his soccer ball, football, basketball down to specific items like the red block or the talking puppy. loves to put his socks or shoes on. he will go to the kitchen when asked if he wants to eat. likes to grab his own sippy out of the fridge and put it back in the fridge by himself.

absolutely hates having his diaper changed. still.

he is still daddy obsessed and will cry forever if he sees isaiah leave for any reason. this includes going to the bathroom or taking a shower. it is kind of exhausting and sometimes hurts my mommy heart!

knows where his feet, belly button, nose and mouth are. likes to wipe his mouth after eating and drinking. sometimes knows where his eyes and ears are. 

still cosleeping. i am sure that we will skip the crib at this point and switch right to a toddler bed. debating on getting one for christmas and seeing how all of that will come together sometime after. 

best meal is breakfast and it slowly declines from there. lunch is about half and dinner is close to notta. he spends most of dinner time throwing everything on the floor, across the room or at us. it is so frustrating! our ped told us to ignore it and he'll outgrow the phase (just like his head banging phase) but it is so hard to ignore flying food when it smacks you while you're eating dinner! naughty.

obsessed with his hockey stick, that hasn't changed one bit. i am pretty sure he spends 80% of his day playing sorts in a hockey or golf action. he could care less about painting activities. definitely showing more interest in books now though! :)

i can't get enough of his little dancing moves. he shakes his groove thang like no other! mainly to rap music. #momoftheyear 

its been below freezing here in MN for the last 10 days with single digit temps, and i am pretty sure he is picking up on that. when he gets in his car seat now he will shake and say BRRRRR. poor little guy spent last winter bundled in his car seat never having to get out and now he's getting a taste of our MN winters! 

such a happy boy. we are so blessed. 

i love you to pieces crumanji.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the last of our fall.

after we did the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch, i had remembered a place called severs that isaiah and i went to back in 2011 after we got engaged, and we hadn't been back since! i totally remembered how much fun we had as adults so i knew it would only be more fun with a child in tow! severs has a HUGE corn maze that they design with fun patterns each year. 2011 was the MN wild if i remember right and this year was a train. they have such good food around - i can never decide if i want the caramel apples, the mini donuts or the corn itself. besides the corn maze, their activities for the kids are endless. seriously! little hay rides, swing sets, huge mountains of tires to climb, camel rides, PIG RACES!, pumpkin shooters, a corn pit, inflatable bouncers, a huge slide and a petting zoo that does NOT disappoint. i was so impressed with the variety of animals they had! that was definitely crues favorite part.

were getting about 14 inches of snow today, so im going to pretend that im back in this perfect fall weather.

made with tiny punkins & gourds! how neat right?!

he was so happy to be on that train! he crawled through tunnels filled with children all by himself, and i was so surprised!

thats a REAL punkin! HUGE!


theres a little joey in her mama pouch!!

these emu's were the weirdest thing!

this hay maze was totally his size. but there were big kids running so fast jumping from bale to bale, i definitely had a few mommy heart attacks!

the pattern for this years corn maze! SO BIG.

severs corn maze is DEFINITELY on our list of things not to miss come fall time! so fun.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

crues 2nd halloween :)

we made crue's costume this year (just like we did last year) but thankfully we weren't as last minute and it turned out much better ;)

i was pretty sure that it would turn out to be a huge disaster, and that he'd play with everything he wasn't supposed too - but i was completely wrong! 

it was only 37* outside so we knew that we wouldn't be taking him door to door anywhere nearby, it was just way too cold. so instead? we went trick or treating at mall of america!

we got more compliments than i could count, and had a few people stop to ask us if they could take his picture. hilarious. who does that?? ha ha. we trick or treated at a few stores, walked through nickelodeon for their "glow out" and had dinner at the new hard rock cafe (not recommended) before heading home. definitely a pretty perfect halloween!

he got to taste his first lollipop, and he was in heaven! we ate the rest ;) but who hands out pixie sticks? who eats those anymore!

now to wonder, whats up for next year?!!