Thursday, November 6, 2014

crues 2nd halloween :)

we made crue's costume this year (just like we did last year) but thankfully we weren't as last minute and it turned out much better ;)

i was pretty sure that it would turn out to be a huge disaster, and that he'd play with everything he wasn't supposed too - but i was completely wrong! 

it was only 37* outside so we knew that we wouldn't be taking him door to door anywhere nearby, it was just way too cold. so instead? we went trick or treating at mall of america!

we got more compliments than i could count, and had a few people stop to ask us if they could take his picture. hilarious. who does that?? ha ha. we trick or treated at a few stores, walked through nickelodeon for their "glow out" and had dinner at the new hard rock cafe (not recommended) before heading home. definitely a pretty perfect halloween!

he got to taste his first lollipop, and he was in heaven! we ate the rest ;) but who hands out pixie sticks? who eats those anymore!

now to wonder, whats up for next year?!!


  1. OMG. This costume. Seriously. ADORABLE. I showed it to Jake when you put it on Instagram, and he was in shock at your talent. :)

    Also - I LOVE the new blog design!!!

  2. His costume was my favorite of those I saw on insta that night :) So clever & so cute!

    I'm also diggin' the blog redesign..but not the font - it's tough to read :(

  3. Still dying over the awesomeness of Crue's costume.
    And, pixie sticks? Ew.

  4. I probably would've been one of those people to stop you (okay, maybe not, but I would have at least considered it). That is such a unique, adorable costume! Way to go mama!

  5. omygosh that is the cutest costume ever. in love.

  6. This is perfect!!! My 4yo is obsessed with scuba divers! Can you tell me what the mouth piece is made from? I'd love all the details of the costume you can provide! Thank you!