Wednesday, December 31, 2014

baby G2: week 16 & the gender!

i feel so bad that i am writing these bump dates a few days after the week has passed. i really need to get on top of this more so i can remember it all.

14 weeks and into 15, i thought i was feeling better, but the tail of 15 and all of 16 weeks proved me wrong.
we had our 16 week check up with our OB and i asked for more zofran, to which my doctor and nurse were both surprised that i was still feeling sickie. i also reminded my OB that they have nowhere in their room for a pregnant lady to puke. they must fix that.

i can not shop at MOA or walk around target with a coat on. thats the moment it all goes down hill and i can feel all the sickness creep up on me. my mom thinks I'm nuts since she's back in MN from TX and hates the cold, but she forgets I'm cooking a human! i seem to be over heating easily if were out and about these days.

we went to MOA on christmas eve, and again the day after christmas. it felt good to walk around and it felt SO good to not walk around once we were home. my poor feet were barking like dogs! already!

i had tea garden each time. cherry+yogurt and passion fruit green tea+raspberry. mmmm. i wish tea garden had some locations closer to my home. i could settle for one daily.

ive been craving baths. only to realize that i immediately regret the decision. since my belly nor boobs even fit in the water, i am freezing before i even get started! sigh. note to self: must have bigger tub before pregnancy 3.

along with craving baths, i have been craving SOUR PATCH KIDS and SOUR PATCH WATERMELON like it is no bodies business.  the amount of candy i am eating this pregnancy is nothing short of mortifying.

on december 20th, we went to enlightened imaging for an elective gender ultrasound!!!!! if you live in minnesota, or the twin cities area - i would totally recommend this place! their website has so many different packages to choose from and they do more than just gender. they're so sweet and so accommodating. loved it. and i loved having the chance to see baby again before 20 weeks!

the day before thanksgiving, nov 25 - we had our 12w NT scan - where we had the same ultrasound tech we had with crue! baby looked well, and since she made a guess on crue's gender - i had to ask her to peek again this time. i even had the picture of crue and his peen on hand just incase she said she doesn't feel comfortable to make guesses! ha. but low and behold, at just 12w3d - she guessed that baby G2 was a GIRL! this was isaiahs thought all along, and sort of mine based on all the puking - but i still felt like there was just no way i could have a girl. i felt like it was my destiny to only birth boys or something. 

we didn't do the elective with crue, because it was 100% no questions asked that he was a boy during the NT scan. with the guess of this baby being a girl, it wasn't as clear even though the tech was about 90% sure - i had to have that last 10% to just KNOW! 

so low and behold, on december 20th - baby G was hardly cooperative and entirely comfortable snoozing away in my belly. heartbeat was 148 (153 at our 16w appt the day before on dec 19th) and it rarely got any higher because baby was just not interested in moving around. the cord was also between the legs! i apparently raise stubborn babies from the get go. after a few minutes of making the man work hard to give us the gender guess… he finally gave us the result.


baby G 2.0 is (or better still be) A GIRL!!!! 
(i wrote in the white words, because i can never know what I'm looking at as easily as the professionals can!)

she's also super snuggly with my placenta. which is in front :( and i haven't felt any movements yet because of it, le sigh.

i am still preparing myself for baby to grow a penis by our 20 week anatomy scan, but we've decided on her name and she has quite a few outfits already so heres to hoping she stays a she!!

on the 21st, we had a christmas party at my aunts house and crue got to see his godmama (my cousin) so we decided to make a cake and tell some of our family members then :) before we cut into it, 9 out of the 10 adults had already guessed girl!

on christmas eve, we made another cake to share with isaiah's family over at his moms house. no one really made any guesses then, but my mother in law yelled "i see pink!" as soon as isaiah put in the knife. (we also took some pictures at home with the old cake, incase the lighting at MIL's wouldn't work out so well)

on christmas day - my dad and grandma came over. i had made him keep the gender a secret because i wanted to share the news with her in person. we didn't tell her we were pregnant until thanksgiving after the NT scan, and she immediately said "maybe its a girl this time!!" with SO much excitement in her voice. i so badly then and there wanted to tell her that the ultrasound tech thought it was, but we waited and held it in. 

grandma has 5 great grandchildren, and they are ALL boys! all 5, boys! it was so fun to tell her that she's getting a 6th great grandchild - and the first girl of the bunch! 
it made me a little sad to think that my grandpa (where crue got his second middle name from, warren) was only around for the first 3 great grandchildren. even though it seems like he just passed (april 2013), he's already missed out on the news/the birth/meeting the last 3! 
i miss him oodles. but i am so happy to still be sharing this with my grandma. she's thrilled, and i think great grandchildren keep her going :)

so there it is. crue is going to have a little sister! 
i still can't believe it :)
2015 is going to bring big things!!

happy new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

baby G2 : weeks 14&15

i totally thought i was home free on the sickness with week 14, only to make week 15 follow with a vengeance and make up for it all!
at the very end of 15w i had an appt with my OB, in which the nurse must have thought i was dying or going to yack on her shoes any second because she kept bringing me ice water while we were waiting like clock work! so helpful. i asked my OB for zofran, and he had the most puzzled look on his face when he looked back at me, asking "isn't that usually about over by now?" - WELL BUDDY! i guess not! at least not with me in this case! but what do i know? i have never been sick before!

prescription filled. week 16 - bring it on.

isaiah had an overnight work trip and i am so easily reminded how much he means to me and how much i miss him during the busy long days. though it was so sweet to snuggle with crue in bed and just be still in the moment.

i may be feeling some baby flutters. i know that my placenta is in front so its definitely cushioning some of the movements, which is why im having a hard time telling if its baby around the outside of my placenta, or just regular pregnancy twinges. not gas anymore though!

we mailed out christmas cards. heard back from FOUR people, (4!) that their envelope was blank.
SERIOUSLY?? i have no idea how this happened or any recollection of the possibility, so it must be pregnancy brain at its finest.

were getting closer to confirming the sex and i am so excited to just KNOW! i am such a baby name nazi and absolutely love obsessing over names.. it'll be so fun to know which one we'll be using for this little beeb!

i really need my hair done. i went dark the weekend before finding out we were pregnant with C, so i never had this issue! but mamas blonde needs some major TLC.

being pregnant at christmas time is so cozy.

the holidays really are such a special time, and we have so much to be thankful for!

last year on christmas day morning, crue learned how to sit up on his own. maybe this christmas morning ill feel baby 2 fluttering inside :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

embarrassing questions during pregnancy!

i don’t know what it is about doctors, but they are intimidating. it does not matter how much they have seen from you (or others) because the thought of asking them some questions can still be embarrassing. 

before i became pregnant, i had been with my OB for YEARS (thanks mother nature for introducing periods on my 10th birthday) so I felt like I had it all down with him. i was comfortable, he was nice, i had ultrasounds during aunt flo’s visit (which is always awkward) and the list goes on.
then you become face to face with your doctor in that tiny stale room and you rather guess what 80s show it came out of rather than ask him a question about your pregnancy. you know what im talking about, yes?

1. WHY IS MY POOP AN ELECTRIFYING NEON GREEN. why is it so embarrassing to talk about poop? EVERY BODY POOPS! i think i need that book more than my child does. turns out, it could be from your prenatals. Normal Schmomal.

2. WILL MY AREOLAS EVER GO BACK TO HOW THEY WERE? were they once pink and now theyre a darker brown or even black? were they once small and now they have you comparing them to the chocolate chip cookies you sneak after your kids are in bed? i don’t know ya’ll, i don’t know! ASK YOUR DOCTOR! i guess depending on his answer, he is either the God of OB’s or a liar. time will tell!

3. AM I GOING TO SMELL FOREVER? i am here to tell you, that the answer is no ☺ i remember my … erm, “downstairs” smelling a whole new smell of smells when i was pregnant and i was super concerned. and super embarrassed! thankfully, it all did go away – once my hormones leveled out. sometimes it can be a bacteria infection, so for the sake of you & your babe, don’t be afraid to ask!

4. WHAT IF I POOP DURING LABOR! what if?! thousands of women have done it before you, and thousands of women will have done it after you. i am pretty sure these doctors don’t think anything of it. rejoice! it means you are doing your job and you are doing it well. you keep pushing and poop if you may!

5. WHY AM I SO GASSY? flatulence. ah. the joys of pregnancy. again, it is normal! i do know that sometimes it can become quite painful, so don’t hesitate to ask for some possible relief options! (plus, I always tell myself that my OB is a male, and every body knows men fart… the question is already less embarrassing!)

6. DO MY NIPPLES REALLY ITCH ALL THE TIME, OR AM I GOING CRAZY? No Mam. refer to #2. Everything is growing and stretching! don’t be embarrassed to itch that nipple in public, because in a few months (if you choose) you’ll be a nursing mom who is constantly feeling those boobs in an attempt to check your fullness. all hail the boobies.

7. I AM A LEAKY FAUCET. HELP! i pee when i sneeze, i pee when i laugh – what gives?! don’t be ashamed of this – because it only gets worse AFTER you pop that baby out! things in our bodies are preparing for labor, so some body parts shift and relax, and then as your baby grows, theyre sitting right on top of your bladder, punching and kicking away. two words: panty liners.

8. LETS TALK ABOUT SEX, BABY. this really shouldn’t be an embarrassing question, at all. if youre anything like me though, it definitely is. i don’t know why? most people have to have sex to get a baby up in their uterus and it’s a normal act of love! perhaps it’s the term “sexual intercourse” that all doctors use which makes me uncomfortable, i have no idea. but lets get down and dirty shall we? decreased sex drive: normal. hi. this is my life. increased sex drive: normal! & plenty of men think pregnant women are HOT! Bow chicka wow wow. hormones are raving. i think this is more common after the first trimester ☺ no, you will NOT hurt your baby! however, if you have had some spotting or bleeding, its best to refrain from sex for a week or until you see your doctor and maybe an ultrasound. don’t be afraid to have sex AFTER your baby either! i wait the recommended 6 weeks as mentioned from my doctor because i don’t intend to mess up my downstairs any worse than child birth can already do so. ease into it. don’t be afraid. it will all get back to normal ☺

9. OH EM GEE. I DREAMT ABOUT MY EX. hey doctor, why am i dreaming about other men? why do I keep dreaming about holding a baby pig in the hospital? hormones. they're all the rage these days! I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but it totally comes with a package of crazy dreams, to the point where you can orgasm in your sleep! wowzers.

10. I THINK THERE IS BLOOD COMING FROM MY BOOTY. very possible! hemorrhoids can happen both during pregnancy and after. Iive never experienced these so I cant tell you how painful it may be. but there are many relief ideas on Dr. Google! constipation and your baby sitting on certain nerves can lead up to this happening, so if you come across any bumps, irritations or blood when wiping – chat with your doctor! this isn’t abnormal and its nothing caused from anything that you may have done wrong ☺

are you embarrassed to chat with your doctor? what are some questions you hate asking?! … if you have any questions about the mucus plug – that’s my favorite topic! i kid, i kid… or do i?!

Monday, December 8, 2014

baby G2 : week 13

does this mean we are officially in the second trimester now?! srrsly. SO CRAZY!

crue had his first fever this week, followed by roseola. between some last minute doctors appointments & things - there were two days that i didn't get to nap with him and i slept so well at night! totally exhausted by 9pm. but i am still oh so thankful for the good afternoon naps that big brother & i have together. i am going to cherish every single one of those during this pregnancy before my baby isn't the only baby anymore! ::sniffle::

sleeping better, harder. waking up less for potty breaks.

our results from the NT scan came back and things look just fine. the letter had said that the risk for downs and trisomy 18 were 1 in 10,000 so we'll take those odds. 

i've already been wearing isaiahs t-shirts. same ones i wore when i was pregnant with C, and i realize that they are already fitting much tighter at this stage.

still getting sick, but not feeling sick. we went to my moms company christmas party & because i got warm i needed to make a dash for the bathroom. also said goodbye to some pepperoni pizza for din din.

brushing my teeth SUCKS. i wish i could refuse. every morning my brushing teeth turns into dry heaving and then vomitting. finally about 30 minutes later i realize crue is no longer brushing his teeth and instead copying me as he fake coughs and spits into the garbage. 

isaiah and i are hard on the baby name front. thinking about them constantly! we have one nailed down, and two nursery ideas floating around. can't wait to get the gender confirmed!

my acne may be getting better, maybe?

crue learned how to say "hey baby" & i must tell you, its the cutest thing. however he sounds like he's 18 years old trying to pick up a lady - rather than talk to his sibling.

eating a lot of nacho cheese doritos with top the tater for dipping, mmm.

weight gain: 1.6lbs

keep hanging in there baby! we love you so so much.
on to week 14 we go!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

mama wish list : cozy nights

i didn't think there was a whole lot of items that i would love to have or get for christmas, but then the garnett hill magazine came in the mail and i saw 3 things i wanted before being 5 pages in. which basically led me from making a mama wish list in general, to a mama wish list for cozy nights :)

i gave in to the fact ill never know how to make everything transparent, ha ha!

sweater knit robe - swoon. i can't decide if i like the navy or the grey color best, though i would happily accept either :) you have the option to get a monogram on the pocket too! YES PLEASE. it couldn't get more comfortable than this!

leopard scentsy warmer - ive been wanting a scentsy warmer for a while but feel hesitant to bite the bullet because i am super scent sensitive and have no idea if i would be able to tolerate the smell or not?! does anyone have christmas cottage or another scent that you absolutely LOVE?! there are so many products! i feel a bit overwhelmed.

plaid throw - we are planning on getting this bed (in navy) now that we've upgraded our mattress set from queen to king and i think this throw would be perfect at the bottom on top of our white bedding!

initial mug - i have the older black version of this from anthro that we bought for our engagement photos & its perfect for some hot cocoa. + how can you resist that gold?!

ugg moccasins - i always have frozie toesies and HATE wearing socks. i am drooling over these in that navy color!

bump nest - apparently this is all the rage. i don't know how i made it through my first pregnancy without one, but i desperately want one this time around. the sooner the better! especially if i end up with another c-section - i think it could really help post partum too!

long john jammies - its not uncommon for me to just lounge around in cozy clothes during the night AND the day when crue and i don't have anywhere to go. i know that with a growing bump i end up stealing most of my husbands t-shirts until i outgrow those too - so these would be great. they'd do the job and make me feel better about myself as my body changes, again.

i would totally love to have all of these items and snuggle up with my boys + the baby bump near the fire on a cold winter night with the christmas tree lighting up our home!

Monday, December 1, 2014

round 2: weeks 0-12

the first trimester
& how it went down

week 0:  after another visit to the fertility clinic, we found ourselves there at 7am on sunday morning for another ultrasound to check out my follicles. we went ahead with our second round of treatment on 9/14/14!

week 1: i was in the two week wait, and symptom spotting like a banchi. i had been out of breath so many times with a few dizzy spells - but waiting for my boobs to hurt. my boobs are never affected by my period, but when i was pregnant with crue they got sore to the point where coming down the stairs was painful. none of that happened this time. i became so tired. i started waking up at 5am as isaiah was getting ready for work and texting him downstairs asking him to bring me some food because i was starving!

week 2-3: i started testing at 8dpo. i have a serious addiction with peeing on things. i think many TTC'ers develop that obsession. i don't know what it is?! we got a few very paint lines, in which i analyzed in every which way and changed the filter of the photos on my phone 100x. i even carried 3 sticks that had peed on outside to my balcony to check it out in the daylight. our first faint positive happened in the evening, so i was stoked to see what first morning pee would bring since thats strong. 10dpo we had our "official" positive on 9/25/14, our three year anniversary since isaiah proposed :) my appointment with the fertility clinic wasn't until 9/29 so i had called them to see if they wanted me in early to check betas and they said no because it may be a false positive from the treatment hormones. i wasn't sure how that'd be true since i had a few negative tests before seeing them turn positive, but we waited anyways. i went in monday morning 9/29 at 15dpo and my beta was 167. my second beta at 17dpo was 548. more than doubled!


week 4: we attended a wedding and i bought a maternity dress to wear because my bloat was already insisting that it be a show off. we made it through without anyone saying anything! and i was already wondering how in the heck we were ONLY 4 weeks along.


week 5: i skyped my mom who lives in texas and told her we were expecting. we try to skype every wednesday. this time we also needed to tell her that we cancelled our cruise for november and weren't going to be able to see her before we got on the ship :( i was super sad to hurt her feelings and not get to see her just yet but she was happy for the baby news!

the night time bloat is no joke

week 6: we went to a packer game at a friend of my dads house, who has been like my second dad my whole life. my uncle was there as well & i was just so nervous about people finding out! i basically bundled under a blanket the entire game and went pee 10x too many.

& now these leggings cut off my circulation. can we say, too tight?

week 7: nausea began to set in. something i didn't really have with crue at all. brushing my teeth was the worst thing in the world and following so, id be dry heaving for about 30 minutes each morning. we had our first ultrasound! 10/22 we went in and saw our teeny beeb with a strong flickering heart beat. no measurements, but they said that i was "measuring along beautifully" and released me to a regular OB.

week 8: we had a good weekend taking crue to the corn maze, but it was the worst week to date. i began to bleed. now i realize that can be common and normal, but i never had a drop of pink/red/brown with crue and it just didn't sit easy with me. after a few more days of bleeding and cramping, we went to the ER 10/29 (8w2d) on wednesday night. 5 hours later we got an ultrasound and saw our beeb, measuring 8w6d with a heart beat of 174! i cried. we left the ER with a prescription for zofran and bed rest. i was bleeding again some more on halloween night 10/31 but now (11/2) i have been blood free since halloween.

week 9: we had originally planned to share our news via a lifestyle video with a little announcement at the end, but cancelled with our videographer due to the bleeding/uncertainty and bed rest. super bummed that my idea won't work but looking forward to a family video at a later date, hopefully as a family of FOUR! i hit 9 weeks today as i write this on 11/2, and we get to see our baby on 11/5. i am so thankful that we get to go early in the morning because my nerves are going insane. being on bed rest is not a helpful distraction. i am praying so hard for good news on wednesday. a strong heart beat and a good growth improvement would mean everything to us. we love this baby dearly and feel so blessed to be pregnant after 12 months of trying and treatment. we shall see what wednesday brings! // wednesday was a whirlwind of emotions after bleeding more tuesday night (11/4), i got in to my appt on wednesday for them to tell me the ultrasound tech was gone. there was a huge chaos of events that followed but an hour later we got ourselves in to an appt at a clinic 25 minutes away so we could make sure everything was okay. you don't send a bleeding pregnant lady with her toddler all over town people! baby is measuring 9w4d (two days ahead) with a heart beat of 169! so so thankful that baby is hanging out in there all calm & collected. he/she waved at us!! :) the nausea is kicking my butt. i have thrown up more this week than my entire pregnancy with crue.

week 10: we had our first OB appt on 11/12 at 10w3d and got an immediate heartbeat on the doppler! oh it was so amazing. a fast 177 beats per minute. seriously bliss to a pregnant ladies ears. morning sickness has set in full force, about 24 hours a day. after 5pm i am a dead beat. it is so sad. 0 cravings and about 200 food aversions. dinner time has become quite pathetic around our house. my poor husband! one night i looked at isaiah and said "were already 1/4th of the way done!" time is truly flying by. i can't believe we've already been pregnant for most of september, ALL OF OCTOBER and now into november! no pictures, i've been that exhausted! :( 

week 11: my tummy got so painful for the first two days of this week. serious hard cramping but no bleeding so i tried to rest and drink GALLONS of water. drink & pee, drink & pee. finally around 11w3d i started to feel better. crue enjoys rubbing my tummy and helping dad put lotion on my legs :) i am getting so so itchy around my calves, it drives me nuts! this pregnancy is 100x harder than my pregnancy with crue. i am more tired and more sick. zofran no longer helps and mashed potatoes are the only thing i can keep down. i can't imagine having a serious case of hypermesis. throwing up is the worst. i am pretty much puking once or twice a day where as with C - i only threw up twice in 42 weeks, and thats when i was in labor!  

11w // 11.16.14

week 12: more often than not, the nausea is pretty much gone. howeverrrr i am still sick! it scares me more now because while its nice not to feel nauseas, the puking sneaks up on me and theres been moments i haven't made it to the bathroom or the toilet bowl. now i am terrified to go out to dinner on saturdays after church incase my food doesn't stay down. how embarrassing! i am hoping that i get much better at weekly bump photos from here until the end ;) we tried to get the harmony blood test but our insurance refused since we are not high risk, so we decided to go with the first trimester NT screening to get a chance to see our babe again :) that was scheduled for 12w3d on 11/26 which was PERFECT timing since we had planned to share our news on thanksgiving. it was a relief to see our baby before sharing the news and just cross checking that everything is going well in there.  we ALLSSOOOO got a 90% accurate gender prediction and the tech kept referring to baby the gender she thought it will be, saying she felt very confident so thats super exciting! we can't wait to clarify :) we also found out crues gender at 12w4d, lucky us! babies heartbeat was 165bpm and measuring 12w6d (3 days ahead) again. we have SO much to be thankful for this thanksgiving! 

in summary:

weight: +1.6lbs
sleep: started waking up hungry, then up often to pee, now pretty well!
skin: i am SO itchy. my shins and the small of my back. i need to find relief! 
gender: we have a strong feeling & got a peek!
cravings: no thank you
sick: yes
headaches: none until 11w, had about 3 since then.
hair: not as greasy? someone said it looked thicker!
acne: awful. just like with crue!
ultrasounds: 3
crue: mamas big helper, doing well with it all so far! 
daddy: SUPER excited to be a dad of 2!
mama: so so so, very grateful.

on to week 13!