Monday, December 8, 2014

baby G2 : week 13

does this mean we are officially in the second trimester now?! srrsly. SO CRAZY!

crue had his first fever this week, followed by roseola. between some last minute doctors appointments & things - there were two days that i didn't get to nap with him and i slept so well at night! totally exhausted by 9pm. but i am still oh so thankful for the good afternoon naps that big brother & i have together. i am going to cherish every single one of those during this pregnancy before my baby isn't the only baby anymore! ::sniffle::

sleeping better, harder. waking up less for potty breaks.

our results from the NT scan came back and things look just fine. the letter had said that the risk for downs and trisomy 18 were 1 in 10,000 so we'll take those odds. 

i've already been wearing isaiahs t-shirts. same ones i wore when i was pregnant with C, and i realize that they are already fitting much tighter at this stage.

still getting sick, but not feeling sick. we went to my moms company christmas party & because i got warm i needed to make a dash for the bathroom. also said goodbye to some pepperoni pizza for din din.

brushing my teeth SUCKS. i wish i could refuse. every morning my brushing teeth turns into dry heaving and then vomitting. finally about 30 minutes later i realize crue is no longer brushing his teeth and instead copying me as he fake coughs and spits into the garbage. 

isaiah and i are hard on the baby name front. thinking about them constantly! we have one nailed down, and two nursery ideas floating around. can't wait to get the gender confirmed!

my acne may be getting better, maybe?

crue learned how to say "hey baby" & i must tell you, its the cutest thing. however he sounds like he's 18 years old trying to pick up a lady - rather than talk to his sibling.

eating a lot of nacho cheese doritos with top the tater for dipping, mmm.

weight gain: 1.6lbs

keep hanging in there baby! we love you so so much.
on to week 14 we go!


  1. Hurry up gender confirmation!!!! I am not patient!! LOL

  2. I can only imagine how cute it is that Crue says "Hey Baby"!