Wednesday, December 31, 2014

baby G2: week 16 & the gender!

i feel so bad that i am writing these bump dates a few days after the week has passed. i really need to get on top of this more so i can remember it all.

14 weeks and into 15, i thought i was feeling better, but the tail of 15 and all of 16 weeks proved me wrong.
we had our 16 week check up with our OB and i asked for more zofran, to which my doctor and nurse were both surprised that i was still feeling sickie. i also reminded my OB that they have nowhere in their room for a pregnant lady to puke. they must fix that.

i can not shop at MOA or walk around target with a coat on. thats the moment it all goes down hill and i can feel all the sickness creep up on me. my mom thinks I'm nuts since she's back in MN from TX and hates the cold, but she forgets I'm cooking a human! i seem to be over heating easily if were out and about these days.

we went to MOA on christmas eve, and again the day after christmas. it felt good to walk around and it felt SO good to not walk around once we were home. my poor feet were barking like dogs! already!

i had tea garden each time. cherry+yogurt and passion fruit green tea+raspberry. mmmm. i wish tea garden had some locations closer to my home. i could settle for one daily.

ive been craving baths. only to realize that i immediately regret the decision. since my belly nor boobs even fit in the water, i am freezing before i even get started! sigh. note to self: must have bigger tub before pregnancy 3.

along with craving baths, i have been craving SOUR PATCH KIDS and SOUR PATCH WATERMELON like it is no bodies business.  the amount of candy i am eating this pregnancy is nothing short of mortifying.

on december 20th, we went to enlightened imaging for an elective gender ultrasound!!!!! if you live in minnesota, or the twin cities area - i would totally recommend this place! their website has so many different packages to choose from and they do more than just gender. they're so sweet and so accommodating. loved it. and i loved having the chance to see baby again before 20 weeks!

the day before thanksgiving, nov 25 - we had our 12w NT scan - where we had the same ultrasound tech we had with crue! baby looked well, and since she made a guess on crue's gender - i had to ask her to peek again this time. i even had the picture of crue and his peen on hand just incase she said she doesn't feel comfortable to make guesses! ha. but low and behold, at just 12w3d - she guessed that baby G2 was a GIRL! this was isaiahs thought all along, and sort of mine based on all the puking - but i still felt like there was just no way i could have a girl. i felt like it was my destiny to only birth boys or something. 

we didn't do the elective with crue, because it was 100% no questions asked that he was a boy during the NT scan. with the guess of this baby being a girl, it wasn't as clear even though the tech was about 90% sure - i had to have that last 10% to just KNOW! 

so low and behold, on december 20th - baby G was hardly cooperative and entirely comfortable snoozing away in my belly. heartbeat was 148 (153 at our 16w appt the day before on dec 19th) and it rarely got any higher because baby was just not interested in moving around. the cord was also between the legs! i apparently raise stubborn babies from the get go. after a few minutes of making the man work hard to give us the gender guess… he finally gave us the result.


baby G 2.0 is (or better still be) A GIRL!!!! 
(i wrote in the white words, because i can never know what I'm looking at as easily as the professionals can!)

she's also super snuggly with my placenta. which is in front :( and i haven't felt any movements yet because of it, le sigh.

i am still preparing myself for baby to grow a penis by our 20 week anatomy scan, but we've decided on her name and she has quite a few outfits already so heres to hoping she stays a she!!

on the 21st, we had a christmas party at my aunts house and crue got to see his godmama (my cousin) so we decided to make a cake and tell some of our family members then :) before we cut into it, 9 out of the 10 adults had already guessed girl!

on christmas eve, we made another cake to share with isaiah's family over at his moms house. no one really made any guesses then, but my mother in law yelled "i see pink!" as soon as isaiah put in the knife. (we also took some pictures at home with the old cake, incase the lighting at MIL's wouldn't work out so well)

on christmas day - my dad and grandma came over. i had made him keep the gender a secret because i wanted to share the news with her in person. we didn't tell her we were pregnant until thanksgiving after the NT scan, and she immediately said "maybe its a girl this time!!" with SO much excitement in her voice. i so badly then and there wanted to tell her that the ultrasound tech thought it was, but we waited and held it in. 

grandma has 5 great grandchildren, and they are ALL boys! all 5, boys! it was so fun to tell her that she's getting a 6th great grandchild - and the first girl of the bunch! 
it made me a little sad to think that my grandpa (where crue got his second middle name from, warren) was only around for the first 3 great grandchildren. even though it seems like he just passed (april 2013), he's already missed out on the news/the birth/meeting the last 3! 
i miss him oodles. but i am so happy to still be sharing this with my grandma. she's thrilled, and i think great grandchildren keep her going :)

so there it is. crue is going to have a little sister! 
i still can't believe it :)
2015 is going to bring big things!!

happy new year!

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