Monday, December 22, 2014

baby G2 : weeks 14&15

i totally thought i was home free on the sickness with week 14, only to make week 15 follow with a vengeance and make up for it all!
at the very end of 15w i had an appt with my OB, in which the nurse must have thought i was dying or going to yack on her shoes any second because she kept bringing me ice water while we were waiting like clock work! so helpful. i asked my OB for zofran, and he had the most puzzled look on his face when he looked back at me, asking "isn't that usually about over by now?" - WELL BUDDY! i guess not! at least not with me in this case! but what do i know? i have never been sick before!

prescription filled. week 16 - bring it on.

isaiah had an overnight work trip and i am so easily reminded how much he means to me and how much i miss him during the busy long days. though it was so sweet to snuggle with crue in bed and just be still in the moment.

i may be feeling some baby flutters. i know that my placenta is in front so its definitely cushioning some of the movements, which is why im having a hard time telling if its baby around the outside of my placenta, or just regular pregnancy twinges. not gas anymore though!

we mailed out christmas cards. heard back from FOUR people, (4!) that their envelope was blank.
SERIOUSLY?? i have no idea how this happened or any recollection of the possibility, so it must be pregnancy brain at its finest.

were getting closer to confirming the sex and i am so excited to just KNOW! i am such a baby name nazi and absolutely love obsessing over names.. it'll be so fun to know which one we'll be using for this little beeb!

i really need my hair done. i went dark the weekend before finding out we were pregnant with C, so i never had this issue! but mamas blonde needs some major TLC.

being pregnant at christmas time is so cozy.

the holidays really are such a special time, and we have so much to be thankful for!

last year on christmas day morning, crue learned how to sit up on his own. maybe this christmas morning ill feel baby 2 fluttering inside :)

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  1. You look so so super cute. So glad you got zofran, too.