Thursday, December 4, 2014

mama wish list : cozy nights

i didn't think there was a whole lot of items that i would love to have or get for christmas, but then the garnett hill magazine came in the mail and i saw 3 things i wanted before being 5 pages in. which basically led me from making a mama wish list in general, to a mama wish list for cozy nights :)

i gave in to the fact ill never know how to make everything transparent, ha ha!

sweater knit robe - swoon. i can't decide if i like the navy or the grey color best, though i would happily accept either :) you have the option to get a monogram on the pocket too! YES PLEASE. it couldn't get more comfortable than this!

leopard scentsy warmer - ive been wanting a scentsy warmer for a while but feel hesitant to bite the bullet because i am super scent sensitive and have no idea if i would be able to tolerate the smell or not?! does anyone have christmas cottage or another scent that you absolutely LOVE?! there are so many products! i feel a bit overwhelmed.

plaid throw - we are planning on getting this bed (in navy) now that we've upgraded our mattress set from queen to king and i think this throw would be perfect at the bottom on top of our white bedding!

initial mug - i have the older black version of this from anthro that we bought for our engagement photos & its perfect for some hot cocoa. + how can you resist that gold?!

ugg moccasins - i always have frozie toesies and HATE wearing socks. i am drooling over these in that navy color!

bump nest - apparently this is all the rage. i don't know how i made it through my first pregnancy without one, but i desperately want one this time around. the sooner the better! especially if i end up with another c-section - i think it could really help post partum too!

long john jammies - its not uncommon for me to just lounge around in cozy clothes during the night AND the day when crue and i don't have anywhere to go. i know that with a growing bump i end up stealing most of my husbands t-shirts until i outgrow those too - so these would be great. they'd do the job and make me feel better about myself as my body changes, again.

i would totally love to have all of these items and snuggle up with my boys + the baby bump near the fire on a cold winter night with the christmas tree lighting up our home!

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  1. I had those mocs when I was pregnant last year. They were amazing. I wore them to work on a few occasions b/c I really didn't care what I looked like towards the end of my pregnancy and my feet were so huge nothing else fit!