Monday, January 5, 2015

all things diapers! a good resource for mamas.

if you live in the twin cities - PLEEEEASE tell me you have heard of "All Things Diapers!"
if you have, then great! i know you are ready to go again :)
and if you haven't, then perk up mama's and papa's!

All Things Diapers is a baby boutique store located here in MN, over in the city of Blaine. i LOVE the variety that they have in store, but what really gets me is that their customer service is UNBEATABLE. they absolutely blow babies r us out of the water. trust me. if you're a new mama, go to all things diapers instead of babies r us because you don't want to start pulling out your hair now. save that hair, because it'll all fall out later! many of the workers are parents themselves and they totally get how you are feeling! 

and have i mentioned their cloth diapering services?! it can be SO hard to find diapers without ordering online. i know the world of cloth diapers can be an overwhelming one - but All Things Diapers can help! get to their store to feel and test out all sorts of cloth diapers and see which one may suit your family best. they'll also help organize the cleaning and the rest of the yucky stuff that your husband may not be so into. 

if you aren't located in the twin cities, you can shop All Things Diapers online, 24 hours a day and take advantage of their FREE SHIPPING. how awesome (and rare) is that!

if you're shopping online, use "MidwestPillowtalk" in the check out to get 5% off your order! and if you are one of my expecting mama friends, go stop in the store for 40% off some cozy clothes for your darling bump! 


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