Tuesday, January 6, 2015

baby G2 : week 17

the sickness. i don't feel it, but its there. we've upgraded to puking in target 9 times out of 10. BABY GIRL WHY YOU NO LIKE TARGET?!

the sleep. i got a bump nest!! it is heaven. its taking some time getting use to as a pillow with my head, so i usually end up pushing it way up and still using my regular pillow under my head. im obsessed with that thing. but the bump nest has been so nice to have around my back or belly and in between my legs!

we officially have told everyone that baby G 2.0 is a girl. heres to hoping that never changes now!

isaiah said i am starting to get a waddle.

i got together with a friend from high school who now lives in AR. we met up at a caribou coffee with our baby boys, which was the same caribou we went to every morning on our way to school. it was SO fun to sit there with her, 10 years later and chat with our babies! life changes in crazy ways. but im so blessed to do life with her! those friendships are rare. her sweet baby boy was born a year after C :)

this marks 17 weeks pregnant with baby girl and crue hit 17 months old! … we match in numbers, for a few days ;)

the cravings. too much candy. tooooo much! first it was the doritos with top the tater, then it was the sour patch kids (which is still ongoing) … but twice this week i made isaiah leave the house. once for an ice cream twix bar, and once for a caramel sundae from mcdonalds.

the weight gain. had an impromptu appointment to hear the heartbeat after i panicked all weekend long over sweet nothings. heartbeat was in the 150's and i found out ive gained 4lbs since my first appointment at 6w. i believe at this point with c, i had gained 10+. i should check that out!

we bought a doppler. after my freak out, i had to give in. so far? its been the best decision ever! isaiah found her the two times we tried - i'm amazed at how good he is with that. and so patient! he definitely keeps me calm too as we wait. i don't think i will ever look for her without having him around. he keeps me grounded. but man, hearing her heartbeat - never gets old! i think it'll be nice to find her the night before our 20w appointment too, and walk into that feeling a little less nervous than usual.

the last night of 17w, i felt her move! we also heard a few of her kicks on the doppler and i could lightly feel them. can't wait for this to get stronger! MOVE OVER YOU STUPID PLACENTA.

= me feeling her exactly a week before i first felt crue. anterior placenta for both pregnancies.

we celebrated NYE 2014, with a baby in my belly just as we celebrated 2012. nostalgia! isaiah and i took a little trip to the melting pot while my mom watched crue. they got rid of the bananas foster!!! just rude. melting pot, you are no longer my favorite.

NYE 2012 - 2013 - 2014

i can't believe were getting in to week 18!
this pregnancy is flying. makes me sad!

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  1. You cravings for twix and ice cream totally gave me cravings for the same, thanks a lot! lol I think I've officially gone through about a gallon of ice cream a week already anyways... Oofta! lol