Monday, January 19, 2015

baby G2 : week 18

i think i am feeling baby movements every day now! still a bit muffled from my anterior placenta so they're the little flutters vs the full on kicks but i am LOVING the butterflies!!

my mom said i look a bit rounder this week. could be true since i started feeling baby girl, maybe she had a growth spurt?!

made it through target WITHOUT getting sick! i fully prepared. took my coat off immediately and stopped at starbucks so i could shop with a drink in hand :)

i had a late night craving for creme brûlée so we drove across town to one of the only restaurants that offer it. totally satisfying :)

two more weeks until the anatomy scan. can't wait to see her! and make sure she didn't grow a peen! ohhh my would i be in trouble.

we haven't started much with the guest room/nursery but i have a great idea of things i want to start buying and made a little inspiration board to help my husband see what i am envisioning! we need to paint crue's room first (be gone with the navy and chevron!), move the bed from our guest room into crue's room and then paint the nursery! eeep!

clothes are another thing. i have been buying LOTS of those. all used though. the deals i've been finding on some BST Facebook groups are too good to pass up. buying for baby girls is dangerous ya'll! we'll be going to chicago at the end of jan and i plan to buy her her first real outfit (at least at full price, just for her!) at Zara. when we were there in 2013, i was 14 weeks pregnant with crue and we had stopped there to buy him his first boy outfit :) the sweetness.

this pregnancy is truly flying by. it saddens me!

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