Wednesday, January 21, 2015

baby G2: week 19 & the anatomy scan!

big game for the packers this sunday, and they won! one more game and hopefully we can win that too - then it'll be ON TO THE SUPERBOWL! they went to the Super Bowl in 2011 right after isaiah and i had met (both as huge packer fans) so we went to lambeau for the game to watch in our element with other packer fans and it was so much fun. after the game he officially asked me to be his girlfriend! <3 maybe we'll try to do the same thing again if we make it!

the sickness has subsided 90%. some headaches creeping in, and some dizziness but i only took a zofran once at 19w6d. were finally on the up&up! it might feel weird now to go the last half without being sick. two pregnancies, two babies and two totally different experiences! i wouldn't change it for the world.

baby girl may have been laying a little different, i felt like my bump was a bit smaller most days.

i am dying to go on a baby moon. unfortunately we won't be able to cruise before i'm 24 weeks and you aren't allowed to cruise after that. has anyone done anything fun that isaiah, crue and i would all enjoy together?! are there any nice family inclusive resorts out there?? clue me in!! i want the ocean and some warmth, STAT! if i could avoid doing my own laundry, cooking, dishes, renting a car and filling up gas - that would be great. yeaaaaaaah. vacation is my idea to AVOID all those things ;)

finally got a foil for my hair and feeling better now that my roots are a bit lighter! progress. i colored my hair brown just before we found out we were pregnant with crue, and i didn't go blonde until after he was born so i never had to deal with this! i am not a mama who thinks going to the salon is very relaxing. weird much?

sleeping well. thank goodness for the bump nest.

up +5lbs.

cravings have been consistent on the sugar sweet path. this week? give me all the icee's! SO quenching.

on wednesday 1/4, we had our 20 week anatomy scan at 19w3d. i drank some mt. dew on the way and ate a few gummy bears in the waiting room :) baby girl was well and cooperative for us! still a girl! she immediately showed us her heart so we jumped right into those measurements and everything is looking well. we are SO thankful. we watched her pee & vividly got to count her 10 fingers and 10 toes over the duration of the scan. she kept her legs closed for a while, barely opening them up being too shy to show us her lady parts. she had such a fun time grabbing her ankles and clapping her feet together for us! "look what i can do!" and at the very end when we were trying to get her to move for a good profile (half the time she was looking right at us.. gave a weird owl looking skeleton image!)... she waved!! heartbeat was 158 during the scan and 156 on the doppler afterwards with our OB.

i really have wondered how i could ever love anyone the way that i love crue. but this ultrasound just confirmed all of our greatest hopes and dreams. our fears can be set aside. we are SO in love with this baby girl and can not wait to see our family go from 3 to 4 as we all get to learn how this little girl works in her days. she is so dearly wanted and prayed for. 


  1. We book all of our vacations through You can search by family friendly resorts!!! We are looking at a few in Jamaica right now!!! We don't cruise so I can't compare it for you but we always do all inclusive resorts and have so much fun!!

    Sweet baby girl!!!

  2. The Beloved in Playa Mujeres. Kid friendly all inclusive. Just a 45 min shuttle from the cancun airport. We went 2 years ago pre-baby and we are going in July just a week before our daughter turns 1. We absolutely love it!

  3. Yay for your bump update! Almost halfway. So exciting.