Thursday, January 29, 2015

baby G2 : week 20 & chicago!

i can't believe we are halfway there! give or take. depending on if she will follow crue's ideal on being late or not… i really wonder!

went to chicago for isaiah's semi annual work conference and stayed in the same hotel as the last three years. 2013? 14 weeks pregnant with crue. 2014? an almost 6 month old crue. 2015? an almost 18 month old crue with a 20 week bump! i loves it.

7 hour car ride to chicago and back were impressive. we had to stop for C but not me. my bladder during the day is a whole different story from my bladder during the night, man oh man! i would like that to be opposite someday.

took crue swimming in the hotel pool and unlike my pregnancy with crue - i didn't break out in red bumps all over nor get the serious itches! yay! he enjoyed the pool much more last time as a 5.5 month old… this time he thought it was too cold for fun.

i can tell that i am slowing down. on saturday we went to the Shedd aquarium in chicago with one of my july mama's and her son Mac where i just had those moments that i felt so tired from standing! yikes. we first met them in person when we were in chicago last year, and it was so fun to get the boys together again now that they could interact!

20w6d saturday night in hotel isaiah felt her for the first time. i am sure i blogged it, but i don't remember when he first felt crue. i hate that these memories slip my mind!

OH! in 2013, we had just found out crue was a boy before going to chicago. so while we were there, we went to zara and bought him his first boy outfit which he wore the following year for the first time :) you know where this is going right? OBVIOUSLY i made us get back to zara so we could buy baby girl her first outfit as well. i love repeating these events with my babies!!

overall chicago was well. a little bit of shopping, some naps with my babies and lots of good food. definitely ate an amazing loaded baked potato, some cheesecake and MORE creme brûlée. see you next january - with TWO kiddos! next year we might fly? but who knows how much crap we will have to bring for two kids and nearly a week in a hotel!

no more zofran! no more sickness and NO MORE 30 minute dry heaving sessions every morning that i brush my teeth! YAHOOOOO!!!!!!

because im feeling much better, this pregnancy is starting to feel much more like the first!
& i dont hate it :)

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