Tuesday, February 10, 2015

baby G2: weeks 21 & 22

you guys - it is so hard to stay up to date this time!

pregnancy is smooth sailing for the most part, boring and heavenly ;)

there is no more sickness of any kind and instead its been replaced with belly kicks and rolls that are becoming stronger and stronger by the day.

i turned 21 weeks the day we left chicago, so i took my bump photo there in the hotel on a gloomy morning, awful lighting and all. it is pretty weak, but i have taken the same photo the last 3 years - i couldn't just "skip" it!

14wks with C / C @ 6 months / 21 weeks with BG 2 & C @ 18months

i have realized that whenever C gets loud (whether it be from crying or excitement), she starts to move around A TON. she can hear him! that makes my heart so happy. i can't wait to see what becomes of their relationship.

isaiah and i had a day date and left C at home with my mom. we went to the mall and shopped for the babies a little bit at the GAP. huge sale, extra 50% off of clearance items! winning. we got two pairs of shorts for baby girl that were .47 cents! couldn't leave the mall without getting some maui wowi for baby and i. seriously. YUMMO!

i love that my mom is here and moved back from texas. it is SO nice to have her watch crue and finally have someone we trust to watch him! i still have never been away from crue for more than about 3 hours at a time, and probably less than 15 hours total since he's been born. pretty sure i won't leave him overnight until im in the hospital having BG2!

otherwise not much is really going on around here! im ready for warm weather and well, its currently snowing outside. womp womp. lots of jammie days for crue and i!

ps. have you read this article yet?
im in love.

give me all the babies!


  1. Love that she moves when she hears Crue!!!

  2. Lookin good momma! And you seriously rock that messy top bun! :)