Monday, February 23, 2015

crue: 18 M0NTHS!

well i will have you know, that this 18 month business has me more emotional than previous months. could it be the pregnancy hormones? maybe. but i can not believe that we are closer to TWO than we are to one. TWO. i thought that my baby turning one sent me for the crazy hills, but TWO? way worse. i am beginning to think of his birthday, (along with realizing we will have a newborn before then!) and i feel more crazy before, more emotional. TWO just seems so big. so grown! a true adult toddler.

::sniff sniff::

we didn't have a doctors appointment this month? seems like were the only ones. we don't go back until 24 months. 
we weighed him at one of my prenatal appointments, scale said 21lbs 6oz and a scale at home with his clothes on said 22lbs 13oz. i'll say he's somewhere in that range!
measuring tape at home said 31inches tall, which hasn't changed since 12 months? and i call that BS because he has been outgrowing his pants like crazy! so many are too short! 
feels good to be wearing 12-18 and starting to buy some 18-24 for summer.

crue has become a vegetarian. absolutely refuses meat of all kinds, in all forms, with all sauces in all ways. he went through this stage before, but it only lasted about 1.5-2 months and he went back to eating meat. but this time? were going on 4 months of pure refusal. it is kind of frustrating since we cook meat for dinner probably on a nightly basis… spaghetti, tacos, chicken, crockpot meals - what have you. i feel like i am often wondering at last minute "oh yeah, crue won't eat this either!" and begin pacing around the kitchen trying to decide what special thing to make him.

hes a picky eater FOR SURE. no matter how many things we offer, how many times, in whatever variety of ways. the kid hardly eats macaroni, grilled cheese or pb&j either. it is just SO WEIRD to me! hopefully that'll change.

over a year ago now, he learned to crawl! 

got another haircut, his 3rd one. its my favorite yet. grown man status! 

when his room was still his "nursery"

absolutely loves shakeology. if i feel like he didn't eat well enough for the day, i'll make him a shake for "dessert" and he's a happy clam.

we are STILL co-sleeping. it has been exactly a year since we started, and i am so thankful for this time with him. we just finished up his "big boy room" this weekend so we will finally begin the transition here shortly. my mom has been staying with us so that has put a hold on some things, but he will definitely be in his own room/bed before baby G2 arrives. truthfully, my husband nor i are 100% ready - just know it needs to be done so baby girl doesn't ruin everyones sleep.

hes a night owl. bed time is usually between 10-11pm, and wake up time is usually around 9-10am. 

one nap a day. transitioned into that himself just after turning a year old. most naps are between 1-3pm or 2-4pm. we don't exactly REFUSE to do things during these times, as yesterday we went grocery shopping then out for lunch and didn't lay him down until 3pm, so we let him sleep longer and bed time was still just fine. every few days he'll take a good 3 hour nap instead of 2 - and since im pregnant, i am usually napping right along with him! i won't ever refuse rest.

i do think he could use two naps some days? but im unsure of how to fit it in and the change is frightening. if he wakes up early, closer to the 8am-9am range - he is SO ready for a nap between 11am and noon. i try to keep him awake until later, because i just don't want his naps ending before 2pm. perhaps selfish of me? daddy is never home before 7pm and that makes for a LONG afternoon. a second nap seems almost too late with that timeline. i suppose don't fix what isn't broken?

loves to feed himself and use "big people" utensils. forget the plastic forks etc, he wants to use what we use.

awful at throwing things. he has a GREAT arm. which is okay when he's throwing his football! but food or golf balls? no thank you.

obsessed with golf and hockey, i am wondering if that will ever change!

loves to carry around his baby doll from christmas. along with the hockey stick. but at the same time he will never want to take something out of the house with us. all of the blankets, "lovies" and stuffed animals we bought for him, he hasn't really attached to anything. 

we went to chicago last month and he did well. but absolutely refused sleep in the 7 hour car ride, which made things a little interesting. i could NOT believe it! 

he has LOVED having my mom around! makes me smile.

lays down for his diapers (knock on wood) and is starting to sign "poop". we just bought a potty so we will see how that transition goes. he currently acts totally freaked out, but will randomly sit on it with clothes on from time to time. 

words are improving but i still don't consider him a big talker. ped said not to worry until he's 2, so taking that day by day! 

boyfriend loves his sister. of course he doesn't realize how much life is about to really change, but he knows "sissy" is a thing. if you ask him where "sissy" is, he will come running to my belly and show you. he will kiss her, rub her and chat with her. loves listening to her on the doppler and will imitate the heartbeat sounds he hears. it is all just too much for my mama heart. i can't wait to watch them grow together!

music is his thing. he will dance and steal my phone to turn on music any chance he gets.

made a valentines for daddy and reassured ourselves that crafts are not his thing. markers, crayons, painting & drawing is a recipe for disaster!

crue, you are growing right before our eyes into one energetic, independent toddler. you make our hearts so full!

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  1. OMG that new hair cut!!! LOVE IT!!! (I dont think Mav will every have enough hair for a cut!!) I can't wait to see his big boy room!! Just the thought of changing Mav's room makes me teary did you do it?! Ha! So funny about Golf...Mav will sit down and watch it with Travis and when the ball goes in the hole he gets excited!! Future Tigers on our hands? As long as they don't act like him! Ha!!! Miss you!!