Monday, March 23, 2015

crue: the 'BIG B0Y' room

when we found out that baby 2 was a girl, i knew i wanted a new crib. crue never slept in his so we sold it on craigslist and his room was empty without one for a few months. he loved the extra space to dump out his toys!
i never liked the navy color that we painted his walls. it was too glossy. or not the right shade. i dealt with it, but i was never in love with his nursery. i'm not sure we ever even finished it entirely.
if baby 2 was a boy, i knew i wanted to paint the new nursery "chocolate froth" by behr, and had planned to paint crue's the same color. well since BG2 is a girl - we just painted crues room!

i hate painting.
it is not for the faint of heart.

& since boyfriend had no place (of his own) to sleep, he needed a bed!

i had my full sized mattress and bed in our guest room from before i met isaiah and we had thought about throwing it out since our guest room was to be the new nursery until we just decided that crue can use it. even though he is young/little, it does not mean he HAS to have a twin sized bed. why full out a hardly used full only to turn around and buy a twin? waste of money. were not about that life!
so he got my mattress and we bought a new frame from ikea that i had been eyeing up for the longest time. its low to the ground and there are two mattress settings, so it'll be perfect for him to sleep in safely!

its still not finished, completely. we need to find some curtains (i am thinking red?!) and re-hang the map from his nursery (EDIT: we got red curtains yesterday, and they look so good!! they polish the room off well)! unfortunately we didn't do the best job framing it the first time around (i was 41 weeks pregnant, give me a break!) so i would like to re-do it before hanging it up next to his bed. with BG2 arriving, starting her nursery now trumps framing the map. so that'll happen, someday.

the view from our bedroom door. i see this every morning and feel 
so lucky that ill get to be a mama of 2, when i never thought i'd even be a mama of 1.

i spy a foam letter where it doesn't belong ;)

curtains. ah! 

bedding is circo from target

my mom made his name letters

that wine bottle was a gift from my cousin/crue's godmama on his 1st birthday.
it says "crues adventures" and inside there are notes & monies. 
it doesn't fit on the shelves :( too wide.

these two.
these two frames are hung behind the door on a tiny wall between the entry & closet.
the top, is my grandpa. the bottom, is isaiah's dad. with his green bay packer photo :)
these two, warren&leslie - are where crue got his middle names.
isaiah's dad passed 2 days before our wedding and my grandpa passed when i was 24wks pregnant.
miss them dearly. love them so.

i wonder when we will stop using that changing pad?! the other day my husband said, "whats going to take that space when thats gone!" nothing hubby. nothing. what a change that will be! 
i wish his room was bigger so he would have more space to play, but we took the teepee down in the corner near the window and so far that space has been well enjoyed. hopefully before he's 5 we will be living in florida!

hope you love your new room crue-boo. you WILL be sleeping in it soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

baby G2: weeks 23-28


blog land is near non existent. that makes my heart soggy. every day i say "i really need to get a post in", and every day - that action slips past me.



past few weeks with baby girl:

sciatica. bad. mainly in the evenings and at night. when i wake up to pee, i feel like someone has just poured cement around my whole body and i can barely get one leg in front of the other. it actually really hurts my booty and i ask isaiah for a rub down with some icy-hot more often than not. yowza!

glucose test. one hour. i failed!! UGH. i can't believe it. i did NOT fail with C, passed with flying colors actually and a very low number. this time? despite eating a lot less ice cream this time around? fail. so i go back for the 3 hour later this week. gunna rent myself some red box movies and hope i survive. i am blaming PCOS on this one.

i sure wasn't lying when i said that baby girl's pregnancy is complete opposite of C's!

weight gain. i am up 12lbs at 28 weeks. theres one thing to be proud of! at this point with crue, i was up over 20. but even though i am only up 12, i might have gestational diabetes.

baby's position. an elective ultrasound showed us she was breech the day after my 24wk appointment. at 24wks my OB didn't say she was, and at my 28w appointment he couldn't tell. i am just really hoping i don't try for a vbac only to find out she's breech and my OB couldn't tell prior. because if she is breech (and stays breech), i'll consider just scheduling a c-section.

the bump. while some days i feel like its growing, most days i feel like its not. perhaps i was larger with C at this point? i don't know. it does cause me to worry though. OH THE PREGNANCY WORRY. perhaps if i do have GD, ill get another ultrasound to peek in on her and make sure all is well?! the silver linings. (though my OB does *not* hand out ultrasounds easily! boooo)

the nursery. we are finally wrapping up crue's "big boy" room! my mom is no longer staying with us, so last weekend we started painting the nursery. i am much happier with the colors than i was for crue's nursery, so were off to a good start! we just bought the crib (we went with the jenny lind in white) and got that set in. up next, the mattress and ALL THE THINGS. i don't think crue's nursery was ever 100% complete before we even switched to the big boy version so i am determined to get hers done once and for all.

weather. spring has peeked its head a few days here in minnesota! we had two(?) days near 60. oh it was glorious. its back in the 30s, but the snow is gone and i am hoping it does not return. it has been SUCH a blessing to be able to get outside with crue. the fresh air is so good for everyone.

we are officially in the 3rd/last trimester!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

pregnancy: round 1 vs round 2

sickness: round 1, i threw up 2-3 times total. 2 of those were while i was in labor! i remember feeling sick at 14w when we were in chicago at a dinner and people all around me had seafood so i made a mad dash for the bathroom, but can't remember if i actually vomitted or not. this time around? i threw up plenty times. definitely weekly up until i was 18 weeks. and spent a good half hour dry heaving every morning after i brushed my teeth. uffda.

sleep: i think this is pretty much the same. i am up to pee often. it takes forever to fall asleep. pregnancy insomnia has existed both times. but between 4-8am? i am out cold. i'm not sure i ever wake up to pee during those hours and sleep like a rock. with crue i ended up buying a regular sleep number pillow and that improved my sleep, this time i bought a bump nest pillow which has helped as well… though i just can't ever fall asleep! no matter how tired i am! asleep before 11:30pm? NEVER.

naps: round 1, i was a stay at home wife. but never took a nap! i don't even know what i did. napping was not it though. round 2? i take a nap with crue every day. ohhhh i love those naps!

movement: at this point, 25.5 weeks - i feel like i had seen crue move more from the outside. i am pretty sure i already had videos of him moving around. baby #2 i have only seen move from the outside a few times so far, and definitely no videos. i've had an anterior placenta both times around - first feeling crue at the tail end of 19 weeks and feeling her at the tail end of 17 weeks. she's a night time mover, crue was a day time mover. what is the same, is that with both babies - i can count on them moving at 10am and 11pm. like clockwork.

ultrasounds: we had more with baby #2, but both babies have acted completely different every time. crue was always showing off, spinning, peeing, blowing bubbles and being active as ever. baby girl is always very stubborn, acting quite shy or sleeping.

cravings: marinara ruled my pregnancy with C. mozzarella sticks, spaghetti, pizza. i craved it big time! leann chin chinese was a huge aversion. sweets rule my pregnancy with #2. the amount of candy i eat is mortifying. still no chinese, i never really wanted it again after my pregnancy with crue ended. love milk both times around, round 1 was specifically chocolate - now its pretty much just white. sour patch kids and twix or snickers ice cream bars rule my nights.

trimester 1: very different! this time i was sick (as mentioned above), more tired (could be due to chasing a toddler) and had a lot of bleeding. we went to the ER once, i had ultrasounds 3 weeks in a row and a sub chronic hematoma/SCH.

trimester 2: overall, these are pretty similar! my sickness is gone this time and i am feeling close to the way i felt when i was pregnant with entire.

25 weeks with crue

26 weeks with baby G2