Tuesday, March 3, 2015

pregnancy: round 1 vs round 2

sickness: round 1, i threw up 2-3 times total. 2 of those were while i was in labor! i remember feeling sick at 14w when we were in chicago at a dinner and people all around me had seafood so i made a mad dash for the bathroom, but can't remember if i actually vomitted or not. this time around? i threw up plenty times. definitely weekly up until i was 18 weeks. and spent a good half hour dry heaving every morning after i brushed my teeth. uffda.

sleep: i think this is pretty much the same. i am up to pee often. it takes forever to fall asleep. pregnancy insomnia has existed both times. but between 4-8am? i am out cold. i'm not sure i ever wake up to pee during those hours and sleep like a rock. with crue i ended up buying a regular sleep number pillow and that improved my sleep, this time i bought a bump nest pillow which has helped as well… though i just can't ever fall asleep! no matter how tired i am! asleep before 11:30pm? NEVER.

naps: round 1, i was a stay at home wife. but never took a nap! i don't even know what i did. napping was not it though. round 2? i take a nap with crue every day. ohhhh i love those naps!

movement: at this point, 25.5 weeks - i feel like i had seen crue move more from the outside. i am pretty sure i already had videos of him moving around. baby #2 i have only seen move from the outside a few times so far, and definitely no videos. i've had an anterior placenta both times around - first feeling crue at the tail end of 19 weeks and feeling her at the tail end of 17 weeks. she's a night time mover, crue was a day time mover. what is the same, is that with both babies - i can count on them moving at 10am and 11pm. like clockwork.

ultrasounds: we had more with baby #2, but both babies have acted completely different every time. crue was always showing off, spinning, peeing, blowing bubbles and being active as ever. baby girl is always very stubborn, acting quite shy or sleeping.

cravings: marinara ruled my pregnancy with C. mozzarella sticks, spaghetti, pizza. i craved it big time! leann chin chinese was a huge aversion. sweets rule my pregnancy with #2. the amount of candy i eat is mortifying. still no chinese, i never really wanted it again after my pregnancy with crue ended. love milk both times around, round 1 was specifically chocolate - now its pretty much just white. sour patch kids and twix or snickers ice cream bars rule my nights.

trimester 1: very different! this time i was sick (as mentioned above), more tired (could be due to chasing a toddler) and had a lot of bleeding. we went to the ER once, i had ultrasounds 3 weeks in a row and a sub chronic hematoma/SCH.

trimester 2: overall, these are pretty similar! my sickness is gone this time and i am feeling close to the way i felt when i was pregnant with entire.

25 weeks with crue

26 weeks with baby G2

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