Wednesday, April 15, 2015

baby G2: weeks 29-32


i remember hitting 30 weeks with crue and losing my shit. but then the 12 weeks after that seemed to go by a little slower than the first 30, so this time i'm not really in a panic. but 30! wow.

week 30 we were in the ER with crue on easter because i had just never seen him act, look and feel so sick before. then week 31 he cut his head open right between the eyes harry potter style. so we have been pretty busy with big brother over here! it would be nice to stay out of the ER now until he's 5. ha.

the sciatica has eased up, whoop whoop!

the restless leg syndrome is sometimes rearing its ugly head at night.

i can not sleep well for the life of me.

week 28, i failed the 1 hour glucose test. so i went back week 29 for the 3 hour, and passed all 4 blood draws with flying colors. thankful for that! but i was really convinced that i had GD and was amped to get some more ultrasounds. ha ha. win some lose some!

week 29 i celebrated my 28th birthday. the day before we did a little shopping at the outlet malls and it was so nice to be outside! day of i was home with my babies & we all went to dinner when zay got off work. i got my first belly comment from a lady at hobby lobby who asked when i was due, and when i said june she said "WOW! you look like you're about to pop now!". the comments came much earlier with crue, but it never fails to amaze me the things some women say to one another.

the nursery is coming along, and crue loves to spend time in there. which really means he loves to climb in her crib (funny how he would never spend a second in his own!) and dump out all her swimsuits from the plastic drawer bin in her closet. we took the doors off because they were sliding and it drove me nuts that i could never see everything at once, only to find out theres a block in the middle of the carpet! UGH. stupid! if you take the block out, its solid white. so for now the block is in because it blends in with the carpet a little bit. you can't see if the curtains are closed, but they're never closed. it makes my eyes twitch. maybe someday ill return to doors. sigh. we still have a rug to purchase and a few other items that are on my wish list! i am thinking i want to add bumpers to the crib, but i'm having a hard time finding someone that will make them without charging $150+. ill keep my arm and leg, thanks.

we ordered the double stroller and are waiting for that to come in. i am so anxious! we sold our orbit, so we've just been using our quinny yezz or babyhome emotion for crue and i am dying to have a full stroller again. neither of those have a cup holder and i am such a cup holder snob. i need somewhere for that coffee! the quinny doesn't even have a basket for shopping, and i am always like AH. WHERE DO I PUT MY JACKET because its so damn cold outside and so damn hot in the malls. we ordered the bugaboo donkey duo and i can not WAIT to see both of our babies in it together! baby grand helped us with that one, per usual ;)

one evening during 31 weeks, actually the same evening crue gashed his head open - little sissy went wild in my tummy and he was able to feel a lot of strong movements from her! i don't think he really understands all that yet, but we told him she was wondering if he was okay and he smiled :)

my wedding ring is still on. they came off with crue week 18! but when i was 9 months post partum and they still didn't fit, i got them resized and went up a quarter. i love that i can still wear them!

the top half of my belly button pokes out!!!! squee. that makes me smile every time :)

at our 32 week appointment, we found baby girl is not breech anymore and our doctor showed us right where to feel her head in my pelvis! we could totally feel "the ball" and it was so cool! isaiah loved it. we were able to pick up the double stroller! love it. & i went to a baby shower for a friend who is having a baby boy and due 16 days before me. can't wait for some summer play dates with babies!


i am absolutely CHERISHING every day spent pregnant, and am bummed out to be so close to the end! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

a delicious pineapple.

i can't believe i'm carrying a human the size of a pineapple!
happy 30 weeks sweet girl. keep on baking!