Wednesday, May 20, 2015

baby G2 : weeks 33-36

i obviously got my hair done between 35 and 36. i am NOT a fan of being a brunette really, but i just could not do the roots anymore. my hair has been growing SO SO fast since being pregnant with baby girl! i knew that once she arrives, i wouldn't want to take 3+ hours away to sit in the salon any time soon - so i sucked it up and went a bit darker in hopes to handle that root situation a little bit longer than normal.

baby girl is absolutely head down but i am constantly trying to figure out what parts of her body are where. she is so much more painful than crue ever was! her absolute favorite place to jab is on my right side, waaay back in my kidneys. or whatever body part i have back there. YEESH.

i totally feel like she's a 10lb baby and has to be at least 25inches long. ha ha ha ha. but really.

my belly button is mostly out! majority of the left side sticks out all the time but theres a tiny part of the right side thats still flat. so odd?

still wearing rings!

the nursery is pretty much done. i keep finding little knick knacks on etsy, such as little scrabble letters that say "its a girl" that i wish to someday purchase and find a spot for - but for now - enough is enough. and i am so exhausted to do much more with it. i think i'm happy with the results. for now.

the exhaustion is real. i am napping about 2-3 hours every day with crue. every day i tell myself when big brother naps, i will have some me time. but nope! wrong! i can not keep my eyes open come 2pm!

33 weeks we had a small mini maternity session in a studio and got together with my lovely friend nicole from iowa. she has a daughter two weeks older than crue and they also came to his birthday party! we 'met' in an online group back in nov' 2012 when we were pregnant with our firsts, and she's also expecting her second now! she's a photographer too, so she snapped a few pictures for us during our park play date :) they always make a trip to the cities when they're in need of IKEA, and i'm so glad that they make time to see us! eisley and crue are super cute together.


how LOW does baby girl look?!
nicole on left, me on the right - just under 12 weeks apart.

i had booked that maternity session thinking it was in a completely different studio than it was in.. so that was kind of blah. but thats okay!

35+5 weeks we had another maternity/family session, with the same photographer that did crue's newborn and 6 month photos. & i was really looking forward to that! the day was BEYOND stressful and i don't think i have ever been more emotional or fuming as i was that day. howeverrrr, the photographer sent us a few sneak peeks and i LOVE every single one! she just messaged me yesterday saying that there are over 100 images and she is sending me the disc in the mail with ALL OF THEM. i can't wait to go through and share some here with you :)

for now, heres a peek! 

the photographer actually sent me that over Facebook PM after we had a conversation regarding my nerves on leaving crue and how overwhelmed i am feeling about him not being our baby anymore… this totally cheered me right up. my sweet boy. oh how i love him so.

and i know with baby girl - we will have so much fun as a family of 4!

36 weeks was mothers day! the weather was awful, but it was really nice to have a lazy day. especially a lazy sunday. i know that next year the day will look a whole lot busier! 2013 i was pregnant, 2014 crue was about 9 months old and took his first steps, 2015 i am pregnant and we will see what 2016 brings but i know we will have two littles and will be in the middle of FIRST BIRTHDAY planning for little girl! holy cow! time is nuts.

i am craving root beer floats and having one every night before bed like its my job. i am sure that my love handles are going to show every single one of them. damn.

i still have not gained 20lbs this pregnancy! i am proud of myself for that one!! HOLLA.

week 36 appointment was done at 36+5. doctor said i am 1cm and "soft". but i am smart enough to know that doesn't really mean anything.

even though baby girl looks fairly low, i know i carry her a little bit higher than i carried crue. i have a whole new batch of stretch marks above my belly button that were never there before.

thanks kids, love you too 



  1. Your pictures are dreamy! She will be here so soon!

  2. All your pictures make me swoon.
    M2 is all about kicking the right side of my ribs. What's up with the right side? There's an entire abdomen to take advantage of, but nope, just those right ribs will do.
    You're getting SO CLOSE!!! I cannot wait for your little lady to make her arrival!

  3. so exciting and so precious! Enjoy every moment carrying her inside of you! 9/10 months goes by so fast!

  4. Mabel was always kicking out on my right side too!!

    You look fabulous! SO SO CLOSE! :)

  5. You look so adorable, and personally - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair color!! It'll be perfect for growing out, and I think it looks gorgeous on you!

    Congrats on not gaining 20 lbs yet! That's awesome!!!!!