Monday, June 29, 2015

darling headbands for your baby girl + a giveaway!

of course when we found out that baby goodman 2 was a girl, i was immediately in headband and bow mode! seriously. i am still so much more excited about headbands and bows than i am outfits. i could spend all day on etsy browsing for fun little accessories!

i never would have guessed that my baby girl would be born with SO much hair. and it still blows my mind how dark it is. i don't know why I'm so shocked. Isaiah has dark hair, crue was born with brown hair, i was born with A LOT of dark black hair so it all makes sense but to this day i can't believe it!

i had bought plenty of headbands and bows for lakely during my pregnancy, but it was always a guessing game since we had no clue what size her head would be. crue was born with a 14inch head and it was MONDO size. turns out lakely was over 13inches but her head seems SO MUCH SMALLER! i mainly purchased 0-3 headbands and they were all too big when she came, so i immediately started shopping for some newborn sizes.

thats when i came across ZoZuBaby, and i could not be happier about it! i feel like i found the gold mine of hair accessories for lake. i couldn't pass up the price and when they arrived it only took seconds for me to be hooked!

we have the mini felt bow set and you can choose your own custom colors or pick a random and let Sandy choose. we let Sandy choose and i feel like she nailed it on the head. we have totally been needing a red bow and i love how it looks with all of lakely's dark hair!

i am super impressed with how well they stay on her head and i love that they don't leave any lines. i have already gotten grief from family members about how lakely shouldn't wear headbands because they are too tight and leave lines on babies head… WHO SAYS THAT.

anyways, these aren't too tight and they are absolutely perfect for my baby girl. they are my go to for sure!

i have already made another order and i can not WAIT for them to arrive! 

today Sandy is giving away a set to one of my readers! 

go check out her etsy shop or website and get excited :) be sure to browse her other awesome options too!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

and now we are 4.

i introduce to you, our newest family member!

lakely capri

friday june 5th, 2015
7lb 5oz and 20in long

welcome to the world sweet sweet baby girl

Monday, June 1, 2015

its baby month!

hello june

in the past, if you would have ever asked me my least favorite month - i would tell you its june.

not because of fathers day, or my husbands birthday. not because its the first day of summer and some nice weather in minnesota.

but because of the JUNE BUGS.

who the hell ever thought those would be a good idea.
i despise.
obviously those bug me more than the cold months and endless feet of snow!
(hehe no pun intended)

carrying on now - it'll be the birth month of our sweet precious baby girl!

i suppose it can no longer be my least favorite.

i never thought crue, my july due date baby would become an august baby. since little girl is due in the beginning of the month, i *know* she won't be (or can't be) born in the following month and mess up our mojo like her big brother did. what a surprise.

heres to you baby girl, we can't wait to hold you!