Monday, June 1, 2015

its baby month!

hello june

in the past, if you would have ever asked me my least favorite month - i would tell you its june.

not because of fathers day, or my husbands birthday. not because its the first day of summer and some nice weather in minnesota.

but because of the JUNE BUGS.

who the hell ever thought those would be a good idea.
i despise.
obviously those bug me more than the cold months and endless feet of snow!
(hehe no pun intended)

carrying on now - it'll be the birth month of our sweet precious baby girl!

i suppose it can no longer be my least favorite.

i never thought crue, my july due date baby would become an august baby. since little girl is due in the beginning of the month, i *know* she won't be (or can't be) born in the following month and mess up our mojo like her big brother did. what a surprise.

heres to you baby girl, we can't wait to hold you!


  1. Omg I came home last week at night and there were hundreds of June bugs on our front door... I about cried. I am with you girl. And I could not be more excited for you to meet your sweet baby girl!!!!!! You will just fall in love with Crue all over again watching him be a big bro!

  2. I am SO darn excited for you!!!!

  3. GAH! BABY MONTH!!! I cannot wait for her arrival!