Monday, July 20, 2015

LC's newborn photos / round 1

when i was pregnant with lakely, a photographer i had "liked" on Facebook was doing a giveaway. it was during march madness and it was for one of the major games, if not the championship game. first person to comment back on Facebook the final score - won a free mini newborn session! i don't remember who was playing, nor do i remember the score… but WINNER WINNER right here! we were actually in the ER with crue when we found out that we won and ill never forget that small silver lining to our cloud that day!

we did this session on a friday morning, when lakely was 7 days old. it was a pure disaster i tell you. definitely 3 hours i wouldn't mind never doing again. but the photos? OH THEY ARE SO GOOD. you would never know what a nightmare it was to get these done.

i mean, my own babies give me baby fever! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

when he met her.

i was so nervous about this day, about this moment.
of course its what i spent 9 months freaking out over.

would crue be okay?
would he be nice?
would he love her?
would he be curious, then jealous?
would i resent her for not allowing me to give him attention?
would she resent me for setting her down to help him out?
will he feel left out?
will she feel left out?
is he gunna be confused? will he understand she's ours?
should i be holding her when he comes in? should a nurse? a different family member? maybe just in her bassinet. or maybe not in the room at all?

we spent 9 months talking about the baby in my belly with crue. eventually calling her sissy, getting him a doll, showing him her room and all the things. but there was no telling how it would all go down. what i did know, is that isaiah would be the one to go get him. so crue could see his daddy first and immediately feel some comfort.

it was seamless. it was perfect. isaiah went home to pick up my mom and crue while i got some 1 on 1 time with lakely. crue was familiar with my mom, happy to see dad already and knew our car. i knew i wanted crue to be the FIRST person to see lakely, above all other family members and above anyone else. that was important to me. so on friday morning, just 6 hours after we left our house and left crue asleep in our bed - just 4 hours after we had lakely, crue came up to the hospital to see us. i was holding lakely when isaiah walked into the room holding crue, and he was immediately curious. to the point where he actually completely blew me off and went right to her. no kisses for mom. but sissy? ohhh sissy. what a lucky girl.

he was smitten from the moment he laid eyes on her.


she's going to be one well loved little lady.

Monday, July 13, 2015

LC : 1 M0NTH!

little miss lake is already 1 month old!

crue climbed in her crib (to the right of the chair) and she wouldn't stop watching him!

doctors appointment: no 1 month checkup, but when we last checked she was 7lb 9oz, and just a hair over 20in long. were still exclusively nursing & behind on the weight gain so we will probably introduce a bottle here shortly. though i feel oh so guilty about it for some reason. (which is strange, crue had bottles starting at 2 weeks and then eventually began to prefer bottle over boob so i became an exclusive pumper… perhaps thats why i feel guilty and hesitant about giving lake a bottle. i don't want to stop nursing!)

diapers: honest brand / newborn size

clothes: newborn, and some of those are still too big on her.

eating: the boob juice. exclusively! whenever wherever. i wake her most nights/mornings at 4am for a feed and she goes back down.

sleeping: two 4-5 hour stretches at night. because were still struggling with weight a little bit, i wake her up to feed. otherwise i am almost certain she would go 6-7 hours and then another 3-4. she goes down at 11pm! my babies are night owls and sleeper-inners.

napping: hardly napped her first two weeks home during the day, but now she is often falling asleep after eating and most car rides. though when the car stops, she is awake immediately! 

loves: the fresh air! oh the breeze is so good for us all. she's a big fan of being swaddled like a burrito too. we've discovered she likes to sleep on her tummy, so when she falls asleep on me after nursing during the day i'll lay her down on her tummy so i'm hands free and able to get some stuff done around the house or hang out with crue. loves bath time, for about the first 5 minutes until she decides she's hungry. she LOVES to eat more than anything. and i think this baby might just be a mama's girl!! <3

hates: being poopy. we've definitely figured out that just before she poops she gets really upset and frustrated… wait it out a few minutes and you'll be changing a dirty diaper.

mama: i am 2 pounds BELOW pre pregnancy weight! i am shocked. i am amazed. nursing crue did not make me lose any weight. before i got pregnant with lake, an entire YEAR after having crue - i still was not even close to my pre pregnancy weight. right now, the number on the scale is the lowest i have seen since 2012. of course my clothes still don't fit and my body is all shaped different, super soft and pudgy indeed. i am praying i don't plateau, and hope to keep losing more!
i had mastitis TWICE in the first three weeks. it was hell. beyond hell. worse than labor. worse than c-section recovery. i would wish that on NO ONE. oh my ouch.
aside from that, nursing seems to be going well. its an entire different experience than i had with crue and for that i'm thankful. (also feeling like a bit of a first time mom every once in a while!)
i had my first post partum check up at 4w5d post partum.. i had to get in early because my doctor is on vacation for two weeks and then when he returns, were gone on vacation! i have such a great bond with him that isaiah and i knew we didn't want to see anyone else. we had a small gift for him and it was important for us that he see the babies one last time and we say our "goodbyes" until next time! nothing about sexy time was mentioned, so i may hold off until 6 weeks just to be less nervous for my own piece/peace of mind. my incision is healing very well and everything "down there" is back to normal!
my acne is out of this world. it is so gross. it has surely never been this bad. and i don't know what to do about it because i am nursing! yikes. but hey! at least the number on the scale looks good?

dada: she has had him wrapped around his finger from the moment she was born! he's super busy with work so we are missing him A TON around here! 

extra news: week 2/day 8 on june 13th she lost her umbi! she had a granuloma inside so the ped gave her some silver nitrate that dried it up. it was stained grey for a while after that but thankfully all is healed and looks well now! week 3 on june 26th i noticed a few tears coming in. not many since so thats kind of come and go so far. then on july 1st i was chatting with her at our dining table and she gave me her first real social smile!!!! those make it worth everything. i want more of those :) as a family we went to two outdoor movies and she did SO well. we've been out to eat and that has gone well too. its been tricky adjusting to a family of four but we've never had to bail from being out in public so thats a win! lake also had her first holiday! - july 4th, we went up to the cabin for her first time and she got to meet some more family members :) sunshine, fresh air and boat rides galore. july 8th we went to my moms company picnic for work and she slept through everything! july 9th we went to como zoo and she slept non stop there too! it was nice not having to worry about nursing in public or taking a break in the heat but when we got home i was almost worried she slept too much and was dehydrated. we're getting ready now to head to milwaukee next week for dad's semi annual work trip and live the hotel life! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the wonderful 4th of july

i love fireworks.

which is silly considering i spent the first 13 years of my life absolutely terrified of them.

more often than not, i try to spend the 4th of july up at our cabin with my family and my cousin Lexy - we take the boat out on the lake and watch as everyone from the islands light them off. they spend thousands of dollars and every year i think its the best show i could have seen. you can look in any which way for bright colors and loud booms. it is nothing less than spectacular.

sometimes we don't make it up there.

this year, we knew we wanted too. and it was the perfect chance for LC to meet my grandma for the first time. we also knew we didn't want to spend the night. which means we woke up early as balls on Saturday morning and made the 3 hour trip up north to make most of our day. crue slept nearly the whole way himself, lucky boy. LC did okay in the car, we stopped once to change diapers and feed at a restaurant in Hinckley but after that i had to hang my boob over the carseat twice! Ay yi yi child.

when we arrived, every one got to meet her! isaiah took crue down to the lake to see the water and get him adjusted to it. he's shown some new signs of fear lately with things like fireworks at a carnival near our home the weekend before, a motorized jeep, any pool he has been near and golf carts so we were a little hesitant to see how he would handle things this weekend as far as the lake, fireworks and boat went.
little did i know he would exceed all expectations and have the most wonderful day!

i left my camera behind when it was time for fireworks and i'm so glad i did. it was so nice to sit there on the boat and enjoy them with my family. crue did so well, to the point that about 3 minutes in he was over it and passed out. boyfriend slept through EVERYTHING. let us carry him back up into the cabin, load the car and drive home. we got home at 2am but thankfully he had been asleep since about 10pm and continued to sleep until 1130am on sunday morning!

our day was filled with fresh air, boat rides, watermelon, paddle boarding and so much love.
it was the perfect getaway for us as a family, especially since LC has joined us!