Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the wonderful 4th of july

i love fireworks.

which is silly considering i spent the first 13 years of my life absolutely terrified of them.

more often than not, i try to spend the 4th of july up at our cabin with my family and my cousin Lexy - we take the boat out on the lake and watch as everyone from the islands light them off. they spend thousands of dollars and every year i think its the best show i could have seen. you can look in any which way for bright colors and loud booms. it is nothing less than spectacular.

sometimes we don't make it up there.

this year, we knew we wanted too. and it was the perfect chance for LC to meet my grandma for the first time. we also knew we didn't want to spend the night. which means we woke up early as balls on Saturday morning and made the 3 hour trip up north to make most of our day. crue slept nearly the whole way himself, lucky boy. LC did okay in the car, we stopped once to change diapers and feed at a restaurant in Hinckley but after that i had to hang my boob over the carseat twice! Ay yi yi child.

when we arrived, every one got to meet her! isaiah took crue down to the lake to see the water and get him adjusted to it. he's shown some new signs of fear lately with things like fireworks at a carnival near our home the weekend before, a motorized jeep, any pool he has been near and golf carts so we were a little hesitant to see how he would handle things this weekend as far as the lake, fireworks and boat went.
little did i know he would exceed all expectations and have the most wonderful day!

i left my camera behind when it was time for fireworks and i'm so glad i did. it was so nice to sit there on the boat and enjoy them with my family. crue did so well, to the point that about 3 minutes in he was over it and passed out. boyfriend slept through EVERYTHING. let us carry him back up into the cabin, load the car and drive home. we got home at 2am but thankfully he had been asleep since about 10pm and continued to sleep until 1130am on sunday morning!

our day was filled with fresh air, boat rides, watermelon, paddle boarding and so much love.
it was the perfect getaway for us as a family, especially since LC has joined us!