Thursday, July 16, 2015

when he met her.

i was so nervous about this day, about this moment.
of course its what i spent 9 months freaking out over.

would crue be okay?
would he be nice?
would he love her?
would he be curious, then jealous?
would i resent her for not allowing me to give him attention?
would she resent me for setting her down to help him out?
will he feel left out?
will she feel left out?
is he gunna be confused? will he understand she's ours?
should i be holding her when he comes in? should a nurse? a different family member? maybe just in her bassinet. or maybe not in the room at all?

we spent 9 months talking about the baby in my belly with crue. eventually calling her sissy, getting him a doll, showing him her room and all the things. but there was no telling how it would all go down. what i did know, is that isaiah would be the one to go get him. so crue could see his daddy first and immediately feel some comfort.

it was seamless. it was perfect. isaiah went home to pick up my mom and crue while i got some 1 on 1 time with lakely. crue was familiar with my mom, happy to see dad already and knew our car. i knew i wanted crue to be the FIRST person to see lakely, above all other family members and above anyone else. that was important to me. so on friday morning, just 6 hours after we left our house and left crue asleep in our bed - just 4 hours after we had lakely, crue came up to the hospital to see us. i was holding lakely when isaiah walked into the room holding crue, and he was immediately curious. to the point where he actually completely blew me off and went right to her. no kisses for mom. but sissy? ohhh sissy. what a lucky girl.

he was smitten from the moment he laid eyes on her.


she's going to be one well loved little lady.


  1. this is too much! so so so much love for that sweet little bean. xo

  2. These pictures are the absolute best!

  3. Cue the tears. All of them.
    I hadn't even thought of how we would introduce Marcus to M2. But, I'm totally using all your ideas.
    You have some pretty amazing beebs. And these photos? Be still my heart.

  4. I am having ALL these fears!!!! I sure hope Piper adjusts as well as Mr. Crue has!