Friday, August 28, 2015

crue : 24 M0NTHS! // TW0!

doctor appointment: 8.5.15 (we had his 2 year and his sisters 2 month in one. so nice!)

height: 33 1/4 inches
weight: 23lb 6oz // 5%tile
head: wasn't measured for him?! very strange. but i am sure large as usual ;)

little man is a skinny guy. jeans that are 18-24 are way too big on his waist, but he is outgrowing all of his 12-18 in length. were going to have THAT struggle with clothes, and i am not excited about it!

i really can not believe he is two.

he has grown so much in these last few months since becoming a big brother. he absolutely adores his little sister. i thought i wanted a boy for him to have a brother, but man oh man. i think he needed her. and God gave us exactly what he needed. he IS a total boy though, and extremely rough. thankfully he is super gentle and sweet with her :) maybe a brother in the future wouldn't hurt?! ha ha.

he got an iPad for his birthday. isaiah and i bought it after his party just a week before we went to florida. it was a life saver on the plane. he is limited with the time he gets to spend on it each day and mainly chooses to use it just before bed and just before nap. i am so proud of him already with it - there has been many times that he will just set it aside, roll over and go to sleep. or pass out while playing on it as i nurse his sister next to him. he's learned a few new words and animals since we got it - so were going to continue and roll with it!

our ped would like him to use more "2 word phrases" so were going to keep a close watch on that (as we have been). at first she thought we might want to get his hearing checked but we really don't think thats necessary for the boy who hears the garbage truck every thursday morning while its still two blocks away and FLIES out of bed to the window to wait for it. maybe in a few months we will re-evaluate, but i am not very convinced that his lack of verbal skills is because he can't hear. he is excellent with listening to us and understanding everything we say so theres no worry there. he has over 50 words and thats enough for me at the moment to not be panicky. perhaps he is just lazy and extra focused on all of his athletic abilities right now.

always keepin' us on our toes.

his actual birthday we went out to breakfast at a place called betty dangers - it was very odd. its here in NEminneapolis with a ferris wheel and mini golf, so obviously thats why we choose it. i wasn't impressed but crue wouldn't have known otherwise. all he cared about was the golf! i am sure he enjoyed his day without a doubt.

haven't started potty training. we have bought 3-4 different potties and he plays with them all. finally my mom saw one and bought it for him on a whim - its the first one he doesn't play with and will sit on! progress! but still nothing on the potty. currently were not forcing it but sooner than later we will probably try to dive in on that one…. yikes.

i think were going to sign him up for soccer on saturday mornings! i literally can't wait. it is an hour long class with other kids his age and a parent. i'm sure that lakely and i will hang back at home for more than half the classes while he gets to go play with daddy, but i am so excited to watch him and hear how he does! boyfriend literally is a pro with sports. outstanding.

first twins game is in the books! our friends from chicago were here in town so we all met up for a game! these are the same friends that we see every january when we are in chicago for isaiah's job. the momma and i met when we were pregnant with crue & mac back in 2012 through an online group of mamas that were due in july! now i have lakely and she is pregnant with #2 as well… just waiting to find out the gender of that beeb! she isn't due until march, so we will just miss seeing the babe when were visiting in chicago! crue and mac had a lot of fun getting their first game certificates and running around holding hands. friends for life. plus i always call it a win when crue doesn't immediately tackle someone.

we flew to florida for a wedding which was his second time on a plane. the first was also to florida for our cruise, but he was only 7 months old so everything was fairly new to him this time around. he knows what a plane is now and understood what we were seeing and about to do. he loved it! he flew so well and didn't have any temper tantrums. looking out the window kept his attention more than i thought it would. our flights both ways were broken up into two so they were a little shorter and we were able to stretch out in the airports. on the way home he kept walking the aisles and made friends with a 7 year old boy. before the flight was over, crue was sitting on the boy's moms lap - and then in the seat with the boy. when we landed here in MN crue was helping pull his carry on all the way to the bag claim until it was time to say goodbye. truly the saddest goodbye! my momma heart was so proud and so sad all at the same time. crue made his first real friend! and the other mama. oh my. her son was so so sweet to my son. i can't imagine how proud she was to have raised such a kind boy. i hope crue took some notes!
can we also talk about how innocent they are? these babies. they don't notice color. they don't focus on differences. so much innocence. so much joy. my heart bursts. the world needs to take notice and learn a thing or two from our children.

winter is coming. not too thrilled about being cooped up with a toddler. the terrible twos are real. so we will have to get creative! ideas anyone?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LC : 2 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: 8.5.15 on her two month mark. she grew 2 inches in length so she is now 22inches long. her head also grew and is now 15". howeverrrr her weight gain is slow :( she weighs 8lb 11oz so she definitely has gained but apparently not enough. our pediatrician thinks she's not getting enough calories because her head and height have been growing just fine, though her weight is not. we've been supplementing with syringes and she absolutely HATES that. she takes them better from isaiah than me and prefers them to be room temperature rather than straight from the fridge. we go back in a week (8/13) to re-weigh her and see what happens. if not much, the doctor thinks we need to do a metabolic work up.

diapers: honest brand / newborn size

clothes: newborn and a few 0-3! 0-3 is still fairly baggy, but they are mostly bubbles and rompers so they still do the job :) 80% of our clothes are baby gap which seems to run a little big in my opinion anyways. 

eating: the boob juice. exclusively! whenever wherever. we still haven't introduced a bottle. i am seriously too terrified for her to reject the boob after that. would make my heart soggy. she absolutely loves nursing, and nurses often so i have no idea why the slow weight gain. we have seen 3 lactation consultants and they all have said she's got a great latch and were doing things perfectly. i wish i knew what our missing link was?! :( breastfeeding is HARD. even when you think its going great.

sleeping: two 4-5 hour stretches at night. this past weekend my husband had his alarm set for 630am rather than the usual 430 and i thought oh she will wake us up for sure by then!… well she didn't! so she slept longer 6-7 hours straight and we woke her then to feed. then she went back down. all weekend she slept 12 hours with one wake up right in the middle. still working on that weight gain so i still wake her to nurse. i can't say that i mind those peaceful moments when its just her and i.

napping: she naps every day with crue and i! usually between 2-4 we are all down for a nap and it is heaven! most days i can expect a nap in the morning and in the evenings too. mornings tend to be in her swing somewhere between 11am-1pm while i do the dishes, make lunch and get some things done. the evening naps are a bit shorter and unpredictable (which is okay, because most weekends thats the time were out running around town)!

loves: being tickled, looking at silly facial expressions, bath time and eating.

hates: being hungry and being ignored.

mama: getting the hang of this 2 kids under 2 deal! it really is not as bad as people try to scare you into thinking. & at 8 weeks post partum i got my first work out in!

dada: is the best dada around. he is SO hands on and i am so thankful for him. 

extra news: in my last update i mentioned we were getting ready to head to milwaukee, we went and she did SO well. it was an absolute dream to have her along with us! she even went to her first concert and saw lady antebellum :) it turns out isaiah got invited to another work event so we'll be heading back to milwaukee in september! the zoo was so fun and we got a caricature done which she slept through the entire drawing. hopefully the second time around goes as well as the first time! week 8 // 8.1.15 my mom took all of us to mall of america so we could go to sea life for crues birthday. of course she slept through most of that too but really liked looking at the jelly fish colors in the dark room! week 9 // 8.8.15 we went to canterbury park for the horse races. it was a first time for all of us! i love that bringing her out is so easy. she's such an easy going babe. 8.9.15 we took her to target field where we watched a play on the jumbotron and on 8.13.15 we are going back for the babies first twins game! next weekend we have crue's birthday party and she has a cute outfit to go along with the theme. and after that THE STATE FAIR BEGINS! i love having summer babies.

ps. i don't think her tears have come in yet! sometimes out of her left eye we will get a single tear or two, and nothing from her right eye. i don't suspect she has clogged ducts since they are never goopy? but i forgot to ask the ped at her 2 month check up so i'll be doing that in a few days when we go in AGAIN for her weight. google told me sometimes tears don't come in until week 12, so we shall see!

thank you for joining our family lakely girl. you're the absolute best :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

lakely's nursery

originally, as soon as we named her i imagined a mermaid nursery. whimsical if you will. i pictured it to be bright with pinks, teal/turquoise/mint shades and purple. of course - nothing goes as i plan. we just bought as we went along and found random items. at the end of the day i must admit, i really like how it turned out. given the chance to change things i would maybe do that - but then i would also need endless amounts of money ;)

we painted her room a marshmallow cloud color that seemed grey in store and almost white in person. it really brightened up the room! we did a little trial by taking her closet doors off, and then we found a wooden block SMACK DAB right there in the middle of the floor. so ugly. to this day though i haven't covered it up or put the closet doors back on.

ps. i already need something else to hang more of her bows. any ideas?!

the "all you need is love" sign was made by the ladies who printed our wedding invites & put on display at our wedding :) 
see our wedding invites featured here



i love brainstorming nursery ideas and compiling all of the possibilities - if only i could make it happen for our own bedroom!