Tuesday, August 4, 2015

lakely's nursery

originally, as soon as we named her i imagined a mermaid nursery. whimsical if you will. i pictured it to be bright with pinks, teal/turquoise/mint shades and purple. of course - nothing goes as i plan. we just bought as we went along and found random items. at the end of the day i must admit, i really like how it turned out. given the chance to change things i would maybe do that - but then i would also need endless amounts of money ;)

we painted her room a marshmallow cloud color that seemed grey in store and almost white in person. it really brightened up the room! we did a little trial by taking her closet doors off, and then we found a wooden block SMACK DAB right there in the middle of the floor. so ugly. to this day though i haven't covered it up or put the closet doors back on.

ps. i already need something else to hang more of her bows. any ideas?!

the "all you need is love" sign was made by the ladies who printed our wedding invites & put on display at our wedding :) 
see our wedding invites featured here



i love brainstorming nursery ideas and compiling all of the possibilities - if only i could make it happen for our own bedroom!


  1. Beautiful! I wish we had more money for a really nice looking nursery/room. When we originally did J's, we had it also as a spare room, so we only had half. Now, it's just his...overflowing with toys and still looks the same. I need to make it prettier! :) I also agree on our own bedroom!

    If you have clips, you can use a frame and put ribbon crossing through it to clip them on. Or decorate an old oat can to hold the head bands? Or pinterest? :)

  2. What a beautiful nursery - thank you for sharing!

  3. I've been dying to see the completed room. LOVE IT ALL!!! It's absolutely perfect.
    The shoes hanging? Best idea ever!
    I picked up a little bow hanging thingy made from drift wood from the IG store @TheMangoMermaid I'll shoot you a photo of it if you want to see it. I'm pretty sure you could customize the color of the wood (I went with a whitewash), as well as the color of knobs used (I went with pale pink and gold).

    Like you, I wish I could muster the creativity for my own room like I do with my kids! My room is absolutely my least favorite room in our entire house. Blech.

  4. OH MAMA! I wouldn't change a thing about this room! I love it so much! So fun and colorful and playful! So cute!!!

  5. It is beyond adorable! Her little shoe collection puts me right over the edge! SO SWEET!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Seriously it looks so amaze, but I knew you wouldn't have it any other way. xo