Wednesday, September 9, 2015


we found out this morning
we'll be moving
in 3 days

for the past 3 months or so, we have been house hunting.
our neighborhood is not ideal for us anymore and there has been a lot of change to the area since isaiah first bought this home in 2009, a year before we met.
we decided that we wanted to rent instead of buy, in hopes that when we are ready to move to florida we can do so in a much easier and timely manner without the hassle of needing to put our home on the market again, wait to sell etc.
plus, let me tell you - putting your home on the market with children is the most stressful thing i have had to endure yet! it is pure chaos. we have had showings with only a 45 minutes notice. instead of cleaning up and trying to keep crue away from everything, i rather would have just stuck my finger in a light socket. i am so over the showings!

we have searched high and low for months. we have seen a few apartments, condos and many many homes. i was not going to move and leave the house we have now for something less. i was not going to settle just because our neighborhood isn't ideal. its not dangerous and the crime isn't high, so it was okay to be here another season if thats how it turned out. 
one of the first places we went to visit were apartments in a city called Maple Grove, an area which we love very much and are often in for running errands, shopping and eating out. even our infertility specialists are out there. 
it was love at first sight. both isaiah and i were drooling over this apartment complex and all they had to offer, both inside and out. 
the one thing i couldn't get out of my head was how we would go from living on 3 floors to just 1? though i quickly put the thoughts aside because it was too soon. so we kept searching.
three months and many house tours later, we were still being drawn to that apartment building.
we went back to see it on three different occasions. 

four days ago, we put in an application.
this morning, we got a notice of approval.

our house hasn't sold yet. i am hoping that with us out, there can be more showings and i won't need to decline them for some reason or another. or perhaps it will sell faster without our things inside. 

fingers crossed.

*more to come*


  1. Good luck, mama!! Selling a house with babies is the fucking worst. Literally nothing more excruciating than trying to keep your house clean while it's on the market. Good luck!!! 😘

  2. Yeah our house has been on the market since the beginning of June. It blows! So I feel ya girl. Good luck!

  3. Ah! Crazy but exciting how things are falling into place! Definitely crossing my fingers that this move will help things get moving with selling your house as well!

  4. So I haven't had a chance to reply to your email about this - but oh my gosh, this complex sounds amazing!! Everything you could want/need all within a short walk? YES!!
    It sounds like your family will fit in just nicely in this new place.
    Can't wait to hear more about this move, and all the fun and adventure it will bring.

  5. You'll love living in Maple Grove!! We built in Otsego, so are in MG all the time!! Best of luck with the move!!