Friday, September 4, 2015

crue : 2nd birthday / golf party

address above is NOT our home

i went back and forth a little bit on having a 2nd birthday party for him. the 1st was so fun, though a bit stressful. i wasn't sure if i was ready to tackle on birthday planning all over again, this time with a newborn in tow. crue has a few friends his age - but not many. we weren't sure how important a birthday party would be under that circumstance and only being 2. since he's not in daycare or any sports yet, he doesn't know many kids. not many of our friends have children yet either! (not to mention were at a point in our lives where we only want GOOD friends and don't have time for the blah blah. you feel me?) so at first we thought a party wasn't necessary. just before his birthday every year we are in milwaukee for isaiah's job and he gets to have some fun there with a friend of ours and her son, and then we could make his actual birthday fun for him too. he won't remember much of anything anyway! but there was lakely. a new baby sister! i wanted to put the stress aside and plan something for him anyways. i wanted him to have a special day, get his attention and be loved on. so a party it is!

the theme was golf. obviously. he couldn't have loved it any more.
we didn't go into as much depth as we did for his first birthday (see that here) though i still loved how everything turned out. we invited our families, a few friends from my teaching days and some of our friends from isaiah's work. that was enough for me. we were really happy to see everyone that came. i am so thankful that he has a few good co-workers to love on my baby and be a part of our lives!

happy birthday crue magoo. we can not believe you are two!

ball in his hand // ball on cake

now itll be time to plan lake's FIRST birthday, and his THIRD!


  1. What a cute birthday theme! :)

  2. Cutest birthday theme!
    Your food spread was amazing.
    Dying over Crue and Lakely's coordinating shirts.

  3. You must choose a perfect venue for this birthday party. On my son’s 6th birthday I wanted to throw a music party at some local event venue but couldn’t arrange to best of my satisfaction as the choice of venue I selected wasn’t that great.