Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LC : 3 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: no doctors appointment this month! we had our last one just before florida on 8/19 for another weight check. our next appointment is scheduled for the 4 month check up on 10/2.

weight: she is gaining! as she always has. now were gaining a heavier amount that our doctor is happier with. her 2 month appointment on 8/5 she was 8lb 11oz. that wasn't high enough, so we had another check up for her weight on 8/13 which was 8lb 15oz. during that check up we had a weighted feed in which she gained 3 oz from an 18 minute nursing session. our check up on 8/19 she weighed 9lbs 2oz and since then we bought a scale to weigh her at home. after florida i called in with another weight check up, and today (9/8) she is 10lb 5oz!!!!! our pediatrician just called us back, she was pleased. no more weight check ups or doctor appointments until next month! WOOHOO! 

diapers: we just ordered a new pack of honest in size 1. (another way i know she's gaining!)

clothes: starting to pack up majority of the newborn and beginning to wear some of our 0-3! this is bittersweet as i purchased a ridiculous amount of summer items in 0-3 that she won't be able to wear since summer is over and fall is starting. i am trying to get creative on how to transition some of them into fall so she can wear them at least once! mom fail. baby clothes are SO hard to predict before they arrive!

eating: breast milk from the boobies. she is one bottle refusing diva. part of our process to help gain weight has been syringe feeding her. we cut back on how often we gave those, now isaiah just gives her 1-3 syringe fills in the morning. 3 syringes=1oz and most mornings she won't even take 3. perhaps we can stop syringe feeding all together now! i am so proud of myself for advocating for us during all of those doctor appointments when they suggested formula feeding and sent us home with samples. (i am NOT against formula!! heck. crue had some!) 

sleeping: two 4-5 hour stretches. when isaiah wakes up for work, he wakes me and i wake her for a feed. on the weekends we go longer and instead of waking her around 4am, i wake her around 6am because my boobs are watermelons filled with rocks and i just KNOW that if i choose to pump instead, she will wake up within minutes and were all screwed. 

napping: about 3 a day. in the mornings when we come downstairs, i set her in the swing so i can gather food for crue & i. this usually gives me about an hour/hour & a half to get some things done and hang with c man! second nap of the day is somewhere around 2-4, when crue naps. in the evenings its a hit or miss. sometimes she will nap in the wrap while we cook, or go for a walk in the neighborhood, sometimes she won't nap at all because she rather nurse forever.

loves: being snuggled and worn in the carrier, taking baths, having conversations and watching facial expressions. we say her love language is quality time because she is all smiles when were near.

hates: being left out and being in the car. oh MAN does she hate being in the car. wail wail wail.

mama: i feel so good! i am really proud of our nursing journey, and super surprised at all things nursing. surprised we've made it this far. surprised my supply is better. surprised i've stuck it out. also my weight loss is still going! another shocker over here.

dada: the best helper around. i don't know how single moms do it. thankfully we got to tag along to florida when he was in a wedding. in a few weeks he had a work trip coming up in another state for 8 days and once he found out we couldn't tag along, he chose not to go! i am praising jesus over here.

crue: always wants to hold lakely but always forgets how to hold lakely. he is so insistent on being near her though he doesn't really know how to hold her hand. he also doesn't know how fragile he is, so when he decides he's done holding her he's ready to just toss her aside like a football. he really does so well with her though! i can't believe how fast time is going, and it makes me sad on a daily basis, though i can't wait to watch them interact/play together more as she ages.

extra news: 
- SHE ROLLED OVER! a few times! daily! going from back to tummy is happening more than tummy to back, but she's working towards perfecting that skill!
- we went to florida! lakely flew on the plane for her first time and obviously was in florida for the first time. the plane rides there were flawless. the airport journey and plane ride home had a few hiccups. i don't know what was wrong with her, and thankfully isaiah was able to calm her - but we had about 30 minutes of pure embarrassing torture with her wailing. i have never heard her cry so hard or so strong before. our first two days home were similar, so while i still don't know what was wrong - i hope we never experience that again! 
- our house is on the market! BITTERSWEET. we are looking around but haven't found anything we love yet. the trick is that A. we want to rent and B. we have dogs. we want to rent because we are really hoping to dip out to florida sometime "soonish". we own our home right now and just think that renting would help us peace out in more of a timely manner with less stress than owning. it seems like a lot of owners who are renting, do not want pets around. so while we continue to search, we continue to have house showings. i am SO STRESSED out and SO OVER IT. i hate showings. i hate trying to get the house ready with 2 under 2. i hate our realtor who thinks were crazy for requesting a 4 hour notice to the point where she thinks we are so crazy, she has called 3 times with LESS THAN AN HOUR notice. if we don't find something we love or sell soon, we will take our house off the market and try again in spring. i refuse to move in cold weather with ass amounts of snow. unless im moving to florida.
- were looking at signing crue up for soccer, which would give me saturday mornings to be home alone with lake :)
- first trip to the MN state fair. we went 3 times of the 12 days!
- girlfriend is cooing like crazy. loves to babble. loves to blow raspberries. her stories are the best!


  1. She is precious! Avalon HATES the car seat too and just is as social as can be! Sweet girls!

    Her cuteness? DOUBLE STOP.
    LOVING that your breastfeeding journey is going so well. Ours is too (Christmas miracle, considering Marcus' bf journey was one epic fail after another). Keep it up momma. Little Lakely is THRIVING.
    Side note: MOVING TO FL?! Say what? Jobs? Family? Fill me in!

  3. Big Girl!! She is too stinking cute! Love. Love. Love. Breastfeeding is SO hard. Whoever said it isn't is crazy. I'm glad that you don't have to do weight checks anymore. So exciting about moving to FL. I know that's something that y'all really want to do. I am praying that your house sells and you're able to find something to rent that's perfect for the time being for your little family. xo

  4. I know all too well how stressful it is when you've got a baby who just doesn't want to gain weight! Your little peanut is too freaking cute, though! <3

  5. She is SOO beautiful! Isn't putting away the newborn clothes heartbreaking?! I hated it!