Wednesday, September 2, 2015

small shop love : TINK & KEY

pleeeeease tell me you all have heard of tink & key?!

i first found them (through instagram, i think) when i was pregnant with crue!
one of the first things i had seen were their "miracle baby" shirts.

it was love at first sight.

my dream was finally coming true and i was growing my very own miracle in my belly.
i had to have that shirt!

42 weeks ago, little baby crue! we STILL wear this shirt today :)

and it didn't stop there.

onesies as dresses are the new tunics ;)

stephanie is the owner of tink & key, one of the most amazing shop owners and women i have had the pleasure of getting to know! she created the line for her second son trent who was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at 5 weeks old.
along with their website, they have a blog where they share stories of miracle babies from around the world. this spreads awareness of certain diseases, struggles and motherhood. it brings us all together! seriously, the sweetest.
there is something so special about encouraging other mamas and babies.

i know we all cherish our little ones. they are truly a gift from God!

my obsession with tink & key is ongoing.

that v-neck?! that new print?! i die.

today stephanie and i want to share the love with YOU!

go shop the website and use "SUMMERBLOG15" for 25% off your purchase!
let me know what you get! even better, share those photos on instagram! be sure to tag tink&key so they can see your cuties!


  1. I love Tink&Key! Our budget is limited, so I haven't been able to buy anything yet, though. I hope to! :)

  2. I LOVE her shop too! Such awesome stuff and your kids look adorable in it!