Thursday, October 8, 2015

LC : 4 M0NTHS!

we are officially over half way to the 6 month mark.
every morning i thank my lucky stars for this girl.
and every night i wonder how she's already 4 months old.

we moved in the middle of september - it was the hardest on us girls. lackey girl and her mama were thrown for quite a loop. we've almost been here a month & were finally starting to adjust, settle in and breathe. but how crazy it is to realize how much a baby can sense at such a young age! she totally fed off my stress and the chaos. thankfully, all is calm now. most days.

doctors appointment: we were attending the ped's office weekly for quite some time to do weight checks. the week we moved (sept 11th), we got the OK from our ped to stop going in weekly and just arrive for her 4 month check up. praise jesus! her 4 month check up was on 10/2, and she got 4 shots.

weight: 10lb 10oz - she is trudging along her curve just under the 2%'tile. our little peanut! 
height: 24.75"
head: 15 3/4"

diapers: just opened our first box of size 1 in the honest co brand.

clothes: we are wearing 0-3 now at 4 months. i am so bummed because we have SO MANY 0-3 summer outfits that are so stinkin' cute… but she will never be able to wear them because its already too cold here :( sad face for mama. 

eating/drinking: she's EBF. were still trying bottles, and if we are lucky she will drink maaaaybe 1oz. its about 1 out of every 10 tries that were semi-successful. every evening i question my supply though, because between 6-10pm she will want to nurse and pop every few minutes, even seconds! after that, she goes into this freak out panic mode of screaming her head off until we can calm her down enough to re-latch. she repeats this game for about an hour until she falls asleep for a cat nap and we start all over again. fun times.

sleeping: she goes down for the night at 11pm, i wake her around 5am for a feed and back down she goes. she wakes up around 9am so i bring her into bed for another feed, and she will sleep until about noon lately. i think were in a big growth spurt. i could probably stop waking her up at 5am, but i just feel better right now with her weight to get that extra quick feed in. on the weekends - she goes down around 11pm and we all just sleep until she wakes us for that first feed. sometimes its 430am, sometimes its 7am. she's unpredictable that girl.

napping: one long morning one after that 9am feed, a decent afternoon nap with crue and sometimes a short evening nap before bed. her evening nap is usually in the carrier while we make dinner and get some stuff done or in the carseat/stroller on our evening walk as a family around the lake.

hates: the carseat, being hungry

loves: her dads voice, when strangers say hello, taking baths, standing up and yelling.

family: there is not much else going on with isaiah, crue or myself. i'm still losing weight but not near fast enough. i would prefer to lose some skin! HA HA. really though. isaiah is still working a lot but trying to be better about coming home around 6-7pm instead of 7-8pm, and crue has been sick for two weeks with an ear infection on top of an awful never ending cold. 

extra news:
- we moved! 
- lakely rolls back to tummy faster than i can blink, but isn't rolling tummy to back yet.
- lakely eats more than anyone in the family, and toots more than anyone too.
- she spits up A LOT but is never in pain so we stopped the zantac
- she drools more than crue ever did
- isaiah and i attempted a night out, but we were only gone for an hour on a quick trip to ikea for some nightstands while my mom watched the kiddos. next time, i hope she takes a bottle and were gone longer.
- we took fall family photos and it was nothing short of a disaster with two kids, my oh my.
- lakely loves telling stories. she babbles coos and screeches for days on end. but i can quickly tell when her story is about to take a sharp turn into a sad ending with lots of tears.
- lakely is sitting up on her own for short periods of time, just long enough for a quick picture ;)
- we went to the afton apple orchard for our first fall activity of the season! 


  1. Happy Four Months, baby girl! She is beyond precious and looks like a little baby doll. I love all of her dark hair!

  2. she is the sweetest little peanut, I love her hair!