Monday, November 30, 2015

family pictures 2015

of course we had a few family photos done in the hospital and again when we had lakely's newborn photos done - but i knew i wanted a full on family session when lakely was 3 months old. we did the same thing in october of 2013 when crue was just three months - and its important to me to try and keep some of the same things going for each baby. i love taking the time to snap some photos of our family around the 3 & 9 month mark because we focus so much on the kiddos when they're born, turn half a year old and the big ONE!

we had these photos done by kelly jo. i had met her at a Girl.Creative event back in April - and we were the only preggos there amongst the 50 ladies having happy hour at Roat Osha. the point of Girl.Creative is to meet other women, make friends and spread the word about their talents so it only made sense to use Kelly! we've became friends and now our babies are here with us on the outside. she had a baby boy, Everett just two months after we had Lake and they are the cutest of baby friends!
poor lakely spent the entire first 45 minutes screaming her head off before even allowing us to try and start, but in the end we got about 200 photos back so there are some good ones!


and here is a little bit of real life for you.

110%.. feed the baby and the toddler just wants to run, tackle & fall.

isaiah pushed hard to get that last one as our christmas card photo... its definitely his Facebook cover! WHYYYYY. ha ha. #keepinitreal

Thursday, November 19, 2015

the precious newborn.

sweet girl was just 5 days old. she slept wonderfully through out the entire session.
i was oh so swollen from the c-section and fluids. i couldn't get my feet into any shoes.
the maternity jeans i wore dug into my incision so bad i didn't walk to move or walk. we rode a four wheeler out into the woods and the bumps hurt my boobs because my milk had already come in. i had totally forgotten all of these things, until we saw the pictures. regardless, theres just something so inhaling about the newborn stage. id do it all over again any day of the week.

i love each and every one.

photos by rosy cheeks photography
(same we used for maternity & crues newborn photos)