Thursday, November 12, 2015

LC : 5 M0NTHS!


i can't believe she's 5 months old already.

we don't have a doctors appointment this month, so i am not sure what her weight, height or head measurement is! i know she weighs more than the last check up at 10lb 10oz and can definitely see her filling out her clothes more. we have an infant scale at home that we bought to keep track of her weight during all of the breastfeeding struggles but we since took the batteries out and put them in crue's dyson vacuum one afternoon. i need to switch them back! 

diapers: we are still in honest size 1 - but i think when we finish this box up we might switch to size 2! we are having quite a few blowouts lately. 

clothes: we are wearing 0-3, and today she wore a size NB dress still. she's getting long so some of the 0-3 pants are juuuuust right but i am guessing will be too short sooner than later.

eating/drinking: i let her nom on my apple and girlfriend thought she saw jesus. she was gettin' it! i let her nom a bit on a frozen waffle and frozen ice cubes in her mesh teether too. she literally can't enough of having something in her mouth and usually its the boob. but this mama needs a break. otherwise, were still EBF over here.

napping: the one good nap i can count on is in the afternoon with crue from 2-4. sometimes theres a morning nap, sometimes an evening nap. the morning and evening naps seem more scarce these days.  isaiah puts her down around 6 or 7 depending on the day, and she's usually up by 9am. i nurse her in bed and she sleeps until about 11am. but in the past few months, she would sleep again before the 2pm nap. these days she's pretty much awake 11am-2pm. 

sleeping: i don't know what sleep is. the 4 month sleep regression came and changed everything. she went from sleeping two 6-7 hour stretches to waking up every 1-2 hours. then for a week it was all golden again with her two long stretches. after that week - were up every 2 hours like clockwork. i don't know whether to be thankful for that week of sleep in between or bitter because it was a tease and i feel cheated! 

hates: being hungry, sleep, being away from le boobie

loves: bath time, nursing, being worn in the solly baby wrap and diaper changes. she is truly the happiest on her changing pad! she blabs away more in that spot than anywhere. she found her feet last month and she's pretty in love with sucking on her toes. so funny!

extra news:
- she started sitting up!!!! she turned 5 months old on thursday, 11.5 and friday night 11.6 she was up and sitting all by her big girl self!
- i joined the twin cities moms blog event team! i am so excited to meet other mamas and get out of the house from time to time. i really need it. and thats okay. 
- i signed up for stitch fix and i'm glad to be getting some new clothes in my closet that i truly love
- isaiah was supposed to be gone out of town for work this week, and i basically begged him not to leave us just yet. he didn't go (husband winner award!) and I'm so glad - because he was home to see lakey girl sit on her own!
- crue has has a HUGE word explosion. his favorite thing is also to see lake when she wakes up in the morning. he immediately rushes to her and smothers her with hugs asking to hold her. he gets all up in her face "hiiii hiiii good morning!!!
- we have a cruise booked with the babies in march! YESSSSS. on this day four years i took isaiah on his first cruise, and of course he's hooked! were trying to sneak in a last minute one for december or january too. oh how i hope that happens! we would bring the babies with us on that one too, duh.
- no snow yet, winning! still haven't bought snowsuits for the kiddos. last year in november we had a crap ton of that crappy white stuff, ew!

- lakely had her 1st halloween! it was too cold to go to the anoka parade, and about 40,000 people attend it every year. people were placing out items to reserve spots the night before, IN THE RAIN. so we ditched that stress and took a nice nap then went trick or treating at mall of america indoors & did some shopping :) she was a fishy and crue was the same scuba man that he was last year because we loved it so much! 


  1. Five?! Stop. Just stop already. It's all going too fast.
    Preeeeetty sure Lake and Jules are on the same page when it comes to things they love and hate. The boob? All day every day. The bath? Yep, let's just spend the whole night there. Chatting on the changing table? Why not!
    Sorry about the sleep. I'm dreading the 4 month regression. Jules is my sleeper, and if she starts waking up along with her brother I'm pretty sure I'll lose my shit.

    Happy 5th Month pretty little lady!

    P.S. I loooooooooooove your shorter hair!

  2. My babes are extraordinarily happy on the changing pad too! They just grin and babble away. I wonder what that is about?! What a pretty little girl Lakely is! Happy 5 months, cutie!