Monday, November 9, 2015

Stitch Fix Review : 1

i finally did it!!

i tried out Stitch Fix! i'm no longer pregnant and my weight loss is kind of at a stand still so i thought now was a good time to try it out. i definitely need new clothes in my closet and shopping with the two kiddos is just far more stress than its worth at the moment. ya feel me?

have you heard of SF? i am already hooked.
i spent $20 as a styling fee, filled out a detailed profile of my preferences, sizes, dislikes etc and waited for a bag of new clothes to arrive at my door step!

inside there was a sweet note from my stylist, my 5 items along with a price sheet and a styling card with suggestions on how to wear each piece. i couldn't wait to try them on!

heres what i got:

houdini back zipper dolman : $58

i didn't like it. i didn't hate it though, either. it was comfortable, but not entirely flattering on my figure. the jeans im wearing (shown below) also came in my fix, and the outfit isn't good together. i tried this top on with skinnies and leggings too before making my choice. ultimately, it looked best with leggings but i am trying to get out of my "i wear leggings 7 days a week" slump. theres a gold zipper on the back that made the top feel a bit dressy, so i felt torn. too dressed up almost to wear it around the house as a stay at home mom, didn't like it with jeans, and felt frumpy with leggings to wear out to dinner. verdict: returned.

dino open cardigan : $78

i didn't love it. i didn't hate it. the pattern was cool. i liked the maroon color and the fine stripe detailing. i wanted to love it and thought it would be perfectly cozy for day to day life with leggings or cute with skinny jeans and some booties, but its too big. i look frumpy. verdict: returned.

cassington terry wool blazer : $78 

i REALLY wanted to love this. i pinned this and was really happy my stylist sent it for me. but then it didn't really look the same. and it has different cuffs. how many layers is the lady in the pin wearing?!  i thought it would be great over a denim jacket for the cold weather we have. it looks OK on me in the middle photo, but again - its too big. i look frumpy. it hides my arms. from the side it gives me no shape and makes me look wider than i am. it was so comfortable, and i was really tempted to keep it and just get it tailored. then i just decided it wasn't worth the $78 to do more work. verdict: returned.

look by M sammie infinity scarf : $34

i honestly haven't decided about this one yet. i immediately loved the pattern and the colors, but when i had it on it kind of felt too bunched around my neck. maybe uncomfortable with a jacket but definitely awesome for winter to keep warm. i wish i would have tried stitch fix sooner with this scarf because i would have kept it without a doubt to wear in the fall! i am picturing more of a red than an orange now for the holidays. initially, i packed this up to return. then opened the bag to try it out some more. i already paid $20 for the styling fee, so i would have to pay $14 more to keep the scarf. maybe worth not wasting the styling fee? i don't know! i will probably try it on again with a coat to see how it feels. thoughts? help me out! verdict : unsure. 

 kut from the kloth boyfriend denim : $78

i wore these through out every try on. they were SO comfortable. i really really despise wearing pants, and these are definitely something i am needing in my wardrobe to get me out of my legging funk. my husband liked them too. i love that they kind of hid my new mom fupa. however, i think they are too big. they seemed to fit OK in the waist, but they have a stretch to them and i am pretty sure a few hours into chasing the kids, walking up stairs, getting in and out of the car or what have you - they would stretch out even more. they're also too long? maybe? i am only 5'2, so i have no idea where these boyfriend jeans are suppose to fall on me. they're already rolled twice and i can't imagine rolling them more to wear with booties. too wide to wear with uggs. these were another item i debated bringing to the tailor, but for $78 i decided against it. i asked for a smaller size and they are out - so hopefully something similar will come in a future fix! verdict : returned.

OVERALL: 0/5 (maybe 1/5 if i keep the scarf)

even if i keep nothing, I AM NOT MAD ABOUT IT! i know the stylist is getting to know me. i filled out my profile to the best of my ability and included my pinterest board, but this is also new to me just like it is new for my stylist. i usually wear a Large when i shop at target etc, so i selected Large for my tops. obviously i could probably size down in these items. WOOWHOO! so for the future, i selected a M. since i tend to be short, i also changed my profile to get items in petite when they are available. hopefully that will help me too! i know its trial and error but i am so excited for when that perfect box comes and i can start re-vamping my wardrobe! for now, the excitement itself in the anticipation was worth it to me. i also don't consider the $20 wasted if i keep nothing because i didn't have to leave the kids with my husband and go shop alone (which i hate doing, i am a girl who wants my hubbys opinion on EVERYTHING!). i also didn't have to shop with the kids myself which is a win win! when i take the kids shopping, i have to drive to the mall, lug a lot of crap around, stop to get some starbucks or caribou for me, a snack for crue, another snack for myself... i end up stressed out. i hate trying items on at the mall so i would have either tried on nothing and just bought whatever wasting more $ from buying things that didn't fit or i didn't love just from being in a rush and frazzled. this way i was able to try clothes on in my own home, have no time limit on how long i got to wear them around making my decisions, and try them on with other items i already had to be sure i made a decision thats best for me. i am DYING to revamp my wardrobe and be able to pull out anything in the first try and LOVE what i am wearing. i am absolutely sick of trying on 4 shirts before we go out and settling on something i don't love which makes me feel self conscious the rest of the night. OVER IT.

at the end of the day, i give stitch fix an A+ and absolutely love the aspect of it! 

if you want to try it out and haven't yet, feel free to click the link below and get started! i promise its worth it! i scheduled my next one to arrive december 2nd already :)


  1. how fun! I have been thinking of doing this for awhile, but it's just easier for me to go to the mall :S

  2. Bummer for 0/5, but hopefully with the change of sizing in your profile you'll get a few better fitting pieces. I really liked some of those tops - but when you're swimming in them?? Eep.
    The scarf. KEEP!!!

    I love me some SF, and hope your stylists rocks the next box!

    And, I'm with you. I'm SO OVER my wardrobe. Nothing fits like it used to, most of the stuff is dated, and I just need someone to dress me.

  3. i just signed up as well! i really loved the tops you were sent! I kept a zip up asymmetrical type of sweater but returned everything else.. one of my tops was so cute but didn't fit my arms nicely so i was super bummed. i'm really excited to see what i get next month