Wednesday, November 4, 2015

the goodmans do florida!

every day, every night - i want to blog.
then my children need me. and the blog? well it doesn't. at least not currently.
but it bothers me so much that my posts are so scarce!

they're so scarce to the point that this one is about a trip we took in AUGUST. it is freaking NOVEMBER! and my baby is 5 months old tomorrow!

time, man.

isaiah was asked to be a groomsmen in a wedding for an old roommate and friend of his, J. J was also in our wedding! of course isaiah said yes. i was pregnant with lakely at the time, and we knew the wedding might occur in florida where J is originally from so we thought "HOLLA! FAMILY VACAY!" (and i was like F YES... the ocean with a newborn. give me grace!)

once the invites came out, we quickly realized that kids weren't allowed. and we. were. devastated. this caught us off guard because J and his wife love kids. we have never been to a wedding before where kids weren't allowed! but it all comes down to money. after realizing lakely would be a small baby with a june due date, i declined the invite. there was just no way to make it work being away from her in another state without any help. i couldn't leave her in MN, i couldn't leave her at the hotel with anyone (who?) and i could not take a taxi back and forth to the hotel to nurse. i also did not want, to bring a pump around to a wedding with crue knowing he would constantly see isaiah in wedding duties and want to be with him instead of me. so, no go. crisis adverted.

we decided to go down early, get a hotel on the ocean and have some time to ourselves as a family before isaiah was gone for the wedding (the wedding site and hotel were about 30-35 minutes away from the airport & ocean, so he had to drive in for all the activities). heres how the deal went down.

he kept watching this video on my phone of him as a baby! <3

thursday: wake up with TWO babies at 5am and drive to the park & ride, hop on a shuttle and arrive at the airport. flawless. boom. plane ride #1 to st.louis - FLAWLESS. crue was so damn excited to have his own seat. lakely nursed at take off and slept the whole way. HOWEVERRRR. i will tell you about a crabby old lady who is still in my memory. we boarded the plane first, not only because we checked in way ahead, but because we had kids. fast forward to mean old lady and her husband who sit behind us. i stand up with lakely so we can let isaiah and crue get situated with all the things before take off, and said old lady rolls her eyes at me. she turns to her husband and says "theres a baby in front of us. this is going to be a long flight". EXCUSE ME. you sat here behind me. we were here first. you choose to sit by said baby, and it is not my problem if you didn't see said baby. so to isaiah, in no quiet voice at all i said "we are already getting looks. the lady behind me is livid that we have a baby" and then she says to her husband "i think were stuck. there are no open seats anywhere. ugh." oh i was so ready for lakely to cry and for her to have an issue. i was SO ready. my mama bear claws were out you guys. but my baby girl was quiet, sleepy & sweet. on that flight.
we didn't get off in st. louis - just hung out while the plane re-boarded and went to florida. crue slept the entire time and lakely was good again. just hanging out. and the mean old crab got off in st.louis!
we arrived in florida late. we dropped stuff off at the hotel and ventured to the beach IMMEDIATELY. a worker at the hotel recommended a restaurant down the blvd that was "very family friendly, many go with kids, no complaints!" so we checked it out, only to find out it was not at all kid friendly indeed. we were hot. we were sweaty. we left our stroller at home and just baby wore lake as crue walked with us. we ran out of places to find and hopped in a cab, told him to bring us to a close pizza place that we could walk back from. pizza place was open hair. 1000 degrees. 10pm at night. then we had to walk about 2 miles back to the hotel. give me my bed.

friday: isaiah had a breakfast & hair cut with the groomsmen, so he was gone while we slept in. when he got back we went out for lunch and spent some time out at the ocean before isaiah had to back for rehearsal dinner. at this point, isaiah was suppose to be back around 10am but the haircut guy took FOREVER and he got back around 1! hours late. i was insanely frazzled with the kids in the hotel room. i woke up with bumps all over my wrist, and thought i had bed bugs. we mentioned it to the front desk, a cleaner who didn't speak english came up to check and had someone call me so i could ask her to check since she had no idea what i was saying, and then said person called back to tell me things looked fine. after the pool, we went down for a nap and he left for the rehearsal. during the nap, i woke up to people trying to get into our room - though they couldn't because i had the chain locked after crue opened the door and left the room all on his own. i got up, greeted them at the door and they were two men (not dressed in any uniform of a kid) and said "oh I'm so sorry we didn't think anyone was in here so sorry" and turned right around. i was so confused. later we found out that was the bug company! BUT WHAT. why didnt they say that? why didn't they come in? obviously no need to be on the hush hush because i am the one that brought the bugs up. so they came to the hotel, but never even checked our room. isaiah finally got back around 11pm. after nap the kids and i just hung out in the room, and walked around the hotel. over. and over. and over. it was getting really busy with people coming in for the weekend and crue was on the go non stop running away from me as i wore lakely. we had no dinner so we ordered JJ's late at night and played iPad games while we waited for daddy.

saturday: wedding day! we were alone from 6am to midnight. i woke up and the bumps on my wrist started to itch. i was convinced we had bed bugs you guys! color me extra frazzled. i was pretty sure we were gunna have to switch rooms and i would have to do it all alone with the two kids. the head of housekeeping came, said things were fine and clean but asked if i would like to switch rooms. i told her if there is a way to keep our ocean view because thats what we paid for, then it would be great for a peace of mind. she said she would check and let me know. we never heard back from her.
i was too afraid to go to the ocean with the kids by myself because the waves were really strong, the sand was really hot on our feet, and crue was constantly throwing it, not exactly caring about where or who he was throwing it at. i was also too afraid to take the kids to the pool by myself because we didn't bring a lifejacket for crue and he would constantly just run, jump and flop like a fish. a few times the day before he also tried pushing a girl in once or twice. everything was too hard while wearing lakely because it just refrained me from getting in completely, being able to chase him on the slippery surface at full speed etc. that kid gives me gray hairs you all. we spent A LOT of time walking around the hotel. up down around. everywhere. repeatedly. we walked around outside, watched some cruise ships leave port, and hung around until crue slipped and smacked his head on the cement. inside to rest we went, followed by more iPad games and wandering the hotel. ordered jimmy johns again, ate in the lobby where crue finally found golf on the tv (he asked for it 183758 times in our room and i couldn't find any golf on any channel). when we were in the lobby, around midnight isaiah came back!!

i don't know how i survived. i was so stressed out at this point. the trip had been a complete disaster with two kids in a tiny hotel room. i think lakely was really affected and I'm not sure if it was my stress or if her ears were bothering her from the plane, but she spent all of saturday crying and not sleeping. she was 10 weeks old and it was the most crying we experienced to date.


sunday was our family day. we ate breakfast in the hotel, we spent time at the pool, we took naps and swam in the ocean. everyone was happy to have daddy back. we also had to leave the ocean because there were sharks and lifeguards were cruising down the shoreline on four wheelers warning everyone to get out of the water. we hung out a bit on the shore to see if we could find them but i'm not sure if they got to our area of the beach or not. they were only a couple hundred feet away when they were spotted and swimming north up to us, who knows where they wandered. we ventured out for dinner and had a wonderful time walking the boulevard. the florida night life on this strip brought me back to college. the outfits, the flowing drinks, the loud ladies - hahahahaha.

monday we woke up, went to the first restaurant that the hotel worker recommended because they had a different day menu than night menu and no candlelit tables and had a good lunch before heading to the airport.

we had two flights home with a stop in atlanta, and lakely was a monster. she started off well, but then towards the end of the first flight had a complete crying freak out. isaiah stood up to and wrapped her up, so she calmed down. in atlanta we were in line to grab some food when she started freaking out again. it took us about 40 minutes at the gate to calm her down. she wouldn't nurse. she didn't want to be worn. we had the white noise going. we swaddled her. we were shushing her, swaying her, trying to walk around with her. some people were staring at us and i could feel it. isaiah took over and eventually got her calm enough so i could nurse her on take off. thankfully we had a family there with their teenagers who was cheering us on and reminding us that they've been there too. THOSE FAMILIES ARE SO MUCH NICER THAN THE OLD CRANKY CRAB!

my trip highlight : our 2nd flight home there was a family that crue found at the gate in atlanta. the boy was 7 years old and crue kept tackling him. in the middle of lakelys melt down, this was right along with the theme of the trip : stressful. i kept apologizing the boys mom and she was so sweet about it. she would laugh along and tell me its okay, its just boys! they ended up sitting in front of us on the plane, and once crue found out as i let him walk the aisles - he was hooked on this boy again. the boy melted my heart. he gave crue his teddy bear to play with, so crue wandered up and down the aisles holding the boys bear. then he went to give it back so sweetly all on his own. the mom had crue on her lap for part of the flight and i was just, so so thankful for her. before the flight was over, crue was on the little boys lap next to the mom & sister watching movies and playing games. when we landed, crue was so sad to come back to his seat by us instead of hanging out with the boy. they walked together to the baggage claim, crue helping him pull his small carry on. we all said goodbye at the baggage claim and though we found out they live about 30 minutes away from us, i am sure we will never see them again. i am forever thankful for that family. that sweet mama, her fun daughter and darling little boy. i honestly teared up a bit as crue was waving in the airport yelling "bye! bye! bye!" every 10 seconds. the boy put up with him and played with him. crue truly made a friend during those 3 hours. i hope the mama was as proud of her son as i was of them both.

i love the ocean. i love florida.
we can't wait to move there someday.
and eliminate the travel tourist portion :)


  1. that had to be so hard staying in the hotel for so long! that's the sweetest thing about that little boy. I love when older kids are so sweet to dom and even though he'll never remember I hope he is equally as sweet to younger kids when he is a little older. xo

  2. i hate my crazy hormones, I was totally tearing up about the family on the second flight! What an awesome story! totally #momsquad goals.

    move here, now. pleaaaaase.