Monday, December 14, 2015

LC : 6 M0NTHS!

just like that, our baby is half a year old. 

doctors appointment: tuesday, 12/8/15. got four shots, another oral vaccine and the first dose of her flu shot. i feel like during month 5, girlfriend has really filled out. she looks so big now!

height: 24in - she's grown 4in since birth! 
weight: 13lb 14oz - up from 1% to 11%tile! were thrilled. she's still petite, but she has three chins to show that she's thriving and gaining well. october and september she was only 10lbs so november was good to us! 
head: 16 3/4in

diapers: we moved up to honest size 2! we didn't even finish the last box of size 1's because blowouts were beginning to happen and her thighs got too chubby. 

clothes: 0-3 month gap and 3m for any other brands. she FINALLY fits into her 0-6 month socks! woop woop holla back girl. 

eating/drinking: SHE LOVES FOOD SO MUCH!! the week of thanksgiving she started taking a bottle (praise jesus). she usually will nurse at night and then drink 2-4oz of BM from the bottle before bed so i can woosah. i still nurse her all day and in the middle of the night. we've introduced baby led weaning (BLW) and she can't get enough. so far she's had green beans, applesauce, spaghetti, buttered noodles from noodle and co (we have the cutest video of her trying to chew), mashed potatoes and shredded chicken from white chicken and chili. she went to town sucking on a lime and now i'm wondering if the girl in college who chases her tequila with limes will belong to me, ha ha ha.

napping: queen of cat naps. she will fall asleep 10-20 minutes and be ready to rock. somewhere i'm still averaging to get both kids asleep from 2-4 but she usually passes out for a cat nap, and just as crue is falling asleep, she's waking up. i spend about half an hour awake and nursing her before she will fall asleep for 1-2 hours. 

sleeping: in her own crib!!! for the most part. some co-sleeping. but still in our room. after that 4 month sleep regression hit, she's still not sleeping through the night away. 

hates: moving in the car? lately we've been driving and she screams the entire ride. we stop when we get to the destination and she doesn't say a peep. she isn't throwing up so i don't think its motion sickness? but its definitely not her favorite. we went convertible carseat shopping so we may be switching to her to the big girl seat soon! still hates dirty diapers, she will let you know right away.

loves: daddy! nursing and trying new foods. obsessed with slobbering all over her feet.

extra news:
- we had our first thanksgiving as a family of four, my mom and dad came over in the evening and we went out bowling for the evening! very untraditional but it was a lot of fun. its always nice for the kids and i to get out of the house and i was trying to think of something that crue would enjoy. he loved it and both kids were great! lakely tried pumpkin pie and she wanted a lot more than anyone would give her, ha ha.
- its the holiday season! i love the hustle and bustle with the two kids. we had breakfast with santa, crue refused and lakely was hammin' it up for the jolly guy.
- we drove to iowa for her 6 month photos 12/5/15. 8 hours in the car for one day was too much for all of us! i think the pictures will be well worth it though. stay tuned! 
- she's the drooliest baby i know!
- lakely started sleeping in her crib! 12/3/15 and she's been in there a week now with one awful night where she woke up every single time i laid her down. 7+ times. miserable. the crib is still in our room because she's not sleeping through the night but i think this will be an easier transition! 
- we got a new camera (canon 6d) and i have SO MUCH TO LEARN! but really hope that someday i can take good photos of my cute babies! 
- 12/12/15 she started pulling herself up to stand against her bumbo!

happy half birthday girlfriend
you teach us more than you could ever know

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