Tuesday, January 26, 2016

my little nursling.

breastfeeding her is so hard. 

everyone says it gets easy after the first few weeks. but i don't really think that's been true for us. once we got over the initial "how to" and latching, we had the 15+ doctor appointments telling me to quit nursing. i got mastitis twice in three weeks. she would nurse all day long. i felt like i did nothing else.
and now she bites. now she claws & pulls. now she pops off every time she hears a pin drop and wants to know what's going on. now she has serious FOMO and is distracted as heck. now she doesn't wanna be cradled, she wants to kneel or straddle my lap and nurse while sitting like a big girl, because she can do that now and she's proud. but then she's trying to stand up too! which means she drags my nipple all over while banging my chin with her head.
it's been hard the whole time.
she still can't be near me to simply hang out, snuggle or just chill. i can't even push her in the grocery cart because the sight of me makes her want to nurse. i leave the house and the moment i walk in, she's screeching for me before i even have my coat off. girlfriend loves the (.)(.)



<3 <3 <3

i did not, and do not have a nursing goal. 

were just sort of wingin' it. motherhood, you know. 

ebut i can say, in those first few weeks, those first three MONTHS!, i didn't think we'd be here today. so when she turned 6 months, i asked my friend Nicole to specifically take a shot of me feeding my baby girl. it's been quite the journey for us.

im just a mom, feeding her baby. providing comfort. building trust. no better than the mom next to me, because we're all just trying to figure it out right?

i didn't think we'd be here - but my. here we are. and i don't hate it one bit.

Monday, January 18, 2016

LC : 7 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: we did go in for the second dose of her flu shot on 1/14/16 and i asked to weigh her quickly for an estimate. she quickly cried and was quickly all better. heres to hoping she won't get sick with all of the cold weather were having!

height: didn't measure
weight: 15lb 13oz with all of her clothes & shoes on. so we are guessing maybe 15lbs 5oz or so. which is an awesome weight gain from our 6 month check up last month!
head: didn't measure

diapers: honest size 2

clothes: slooowwly outgrowing our 0-3 and entering 3-6. i tried some of our summer clothing on her from last year that she never got to wear because she was such a peanut, and surprisingly she fit! there were still some baby gap "up to 7" and 0-3 rompers that she can wear. i don't expect them to last all summer, so now i'm thinking we need a vacation to get some use out of those!

eating/drinking: little lady will take a bottle now, which is nice because i have been able to get away with twin cities moms blog for some events and moms night out without needing to worry. i still nurse her fully through the day and night. we started solids last month with BLW and she is diving right into that! potatoes, lasagna, chicken, pasta. she tried green peppers this month and gums them to death. she's probably happiest when eating, our little chunk!

napping/sleeping: my babies hate their crib. she was doing so well. but we are currently co-sleeping and she's still waking up every 2-3 hours. she takes a good long nap usually from 9-11am, and 2-4pm or so with a short evening nap. somehow i am still feeling like its not enough! she is definitely not the sleeper that her brother and mama are.

hates: being hungry and seeing other people eat when she's not also eating. man she gets quite the attitude!

loves: daddy-o! he is without a doubt her first crush. girlfriend also loves bath time. giggles uncontrollably when you play with her legs and pull them apart. chuckles hysterically when her big brother cries.. ha ha ha!

extra news: 
- we had hopes to book a cruise and leave 1/17 but the night we went to book it sold out :( crue's first cruise was at the end of 7 months and he turned 8 months on the ship so we thought it would be awesome that both babies got to cruise around the same age for their first time! but i am not sure if we will be able to sneak one in before the one we already have booked on 3/17. anxious to experience new things with our babies though!
however, one of our church members were on a mommy/daughter cruise vacation and on an excursion in jamaica, there was a bus accident and the mother passed away. our church community is just devastated. pastor rick flew to jamaica to be with his 9 year old daughter who was in surgery and bring her home.
isaiah and i keep thinking how close to home that hit, and all the "what if's".. its just a scary thing. we are deeply saddened and greatly praying for the glewwe family.
- twin cities moms blog had their first meeting for the events team and i got to escape for about 3.5 hours - it was lovely! i really never left crue and i am just now starting to leave lakely. they both stay home with isaiah and its just absolutely refreshing. i love working with that team of wonderful and fun women!
- lakely drools a lot, but still has no teeth
- crue is talking a lot, and absolutely loves lakely. he is always so excited to see her and is really protective for a 2.5 year old!
- packers lost the second play off game :( but we are so happy for larry fitzgerald!
- lakely hit 32 weeks, and i can't believe were only 20 away from a one year old!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 : in review.

kicked off the new year at home, just us and crue watching movies and putting away the christmas tree. isaiah and i did manage a little dinner away at the melting pot! i don't think we've been there since?! say whaaaat! we started off the month knowing that baby goodman #2 was A GIRL!!! my best friend from high school was home for a visit and we got to get together with our little boys. they're a year apart and its so fun to do motherhood with her. if only she lived in minnesota and not arkansas. i hit the half way mark in our pregnancy, had the anatomy scan done with lakely, which confirmed she was a girl and all things were going well. she waved to us, kicked up a storm and showed me some of her ballerina stances. all things she does now on the outside! we ended the month off in chicago, as we do every year for isaiah's semi annual work conference. we tried to go swimming in the pool with crue and he was bat shit terrified. no fun at all and i was terrified he would forever hate the water if it wasn't a bath tub. in 2013, we were in chicago for the same trip and had just found out crue was a boy. we stopped at zara and bought him his first outfit, so we did the same for lakely! in chicago we met up with some good friends that i met through a pregnancy group when i was pregnant with crue, they have a son just 3 weeks older and we took a trip to the Shedd Aquarium. so much better than sea life here at mall of america! 

my baby was a year and a half old. now he's almost two and a half years old! being crues mom is so much fun. we took this month to start working on the nursery now that we officially *knew* lakely was a girl. we started with crues room first, and started to transition that from a nursery to a big boy room. we painted over his chevron wall and stuck with our nautical theme. sold his crib that he NEVER slept in to a mama who was due in june with a baby girl also! he "switched" to a big boy bed but totally still slept in our bed. also the loooooove month. i don't even remember what we did for valentines day. 

my mom had been living with us since she moved back to MN at the end of 2014, and she moved out in the beginning of the month. we finished crues big boy room and made the full switch to working on the nursery and started by painting the walls white. lately's name was already decided so i had wanted to do somewhat of a mermaid theme, though I'm not sure we ever really accomplished that. i blogged about our differences between the two pregnancies and felt like i was really starting to carry low! i think i gave myself every reason to doubt that lakely was actually going to be a girl. ha ha. we also got rid of our nissan altima and went down to one car. AND. i failed my 1 hour glucose test! ew. for easter we were in the ER with crue - turned out to be nothing major but i remember never seeing him so sick. and the coughing. oh man. i thought for sure the poor boy at least had croup or something, but it turned out to be notta. just a super pregnant tired mama in the ER waiting forever on easter morning with her toddler. i absolutely love easter, we took it low key at home but still gave crue his goodies :) 

we started the month off with my birthday and i turned 28. we celebrated at the cheesecake factory and did some shopping. i was pregnant for both my 26th & 28th birthday :) i re-did the glucose test, 3 hours and that sucked. but i passed and did not have GD! so give me all the cheesecake :) after being in the ER with crue for his sickness, one evening he tripped over his own two feet right into our dresser and sliced his forehead open. we had just went down to one car and my husband was at work. i was totally freaking out. he finally got home and we got to an urgent care who glued up his forehead and we were on our way. i need to prepare for that stuff. i hit 30 weeks pregnant! and we were in go time mode. ordered our double stroller and the carseat to get ready for a new baby!

our last month as a family of 3. we installed our car seat. started checking my cervix at doctors appointments and realizing i was not progressing. not much of a surprise since the same thing happened with crue. i was really hoping for a VBAC but was preparing for another c section. at the end of the month, i was not dilated or effaced so we set up baby girls birthday for a friday with my OB. we pretty much knew that was the day she was going to come! our friends from iowa (who i also met during our pregnancy group and have a baby girl a few weeks older than crue) came to visit and took some photos of us while we played at the park and had lunch together. we were both pregnant with our second babes so that was fun :) i was having major mommy guilt all month and could barely sleep. ill never forget how much i cried about thinking that i was ruining crues life by having another baby. we got together with the same lady who took crues newborn photos and had a maternity session done in her backyard during golden hour. i wore a long gold dress and still love every photo more than i would have imagined! 

the best month of the year! this is where things really started to pick up and fly by. 
having a baby in the middle of the year seemed to have make 2015 as a whole just seem like it was only 12 days long, not 12 months. 
little miss lakely capri was born friday morning, june 5th. our hearts and our family were forever changed. we spent two days in the hospital and went home sunday afternoon to be back together with crue! i absolutely LOVE my days in the hospital, but it was so nice to be home as a family of four. we had newborn photos done when she was 5 days old, and again when she was 7 days old. on the 18th we celebrated isaiahs birthday, and then just a few days later we celebrated fathers day. the first of being a dad of two! we kind of wondered if lakely would be born on either of those days, but it turned out she got to be the spotlight of her own :)

i got mastitis. we took a small road trip to the cabin in wisconsin so we could be there for the 4th of july. it was about 3 hours each way and our first trip as a family of four and the car ride was slightly torturous. i hung my boob over the carseat in a moving vehicle and breastfed at tobies in hinkley. crue absolutely loved being at the cabin and he was a brave boy! he warmed up well to the water and the boat rides. my favorite things ever. we considered that trip a little test for the trip we later had to milwaukee, a 7 hour drive with both kids. we spent 5 days in milwaukee and stayed at the pfister for isaiah's annual work conference. the kids did better in the car. i took many hotel naps with both of the babies and we started to figure out a little more about lakely. 

my first baby. my sweet boy, crue turned TWO! we celebrated his birthday just our family of four and it was so sweet. we had breakfast for the first time at betty dangers, took him golfing and got DQ before the night ended. that boy and golf. sports period. he is just SO good at what he does. two weeks later, we had his birthday party and it was a great success! it just means so much to me to see those who love my babies. talk about the way to my heart right? i shared lakely's nursery with everyone here on the blog and later in the month we flew to florida for a wedding that isaiah was in, and stayed at the westin on hollywood beach for 5 days. on a whim we decided to meet with a realtor two nights before florida, and she listed our house while we were away. we had a few showings and it was really nice to be out of the house - but it didn't sell while we were gone. ALSO. don't let me forget, when lakely was only 9? 10? weeks old, i signed up for a "this is my mom body" campaign photo shoot with twin cities moms blog. i took pictures. half naked. at a serious crazy post partum stage. YIKES. however, they're some of my favorite photos in the entire world. 

i was SO glad to be home from florida! our darling lakely turned 3 months old, and i truly realized how fast time was FLYING! we dropped the price a little on our house, and it sold. we had 3 days to move. i am so glad that part of our life is over with. it was utter chaos and i never want to move with children again! we moved to maple grove and went from a townhouse we owned to an apartment that were now renting. we still have A LOT of space and it was quite the adjustment. but we all survived! we were able to get together with some friends of ours and make memories hitting up apple orchards, pumpkin patches and corn fields. oh the midwest and fall!

this was the month i got the OK to stop doing weekly appointments with lakely for her weight. it was so liberating. i blogged about our breastfeeding journey, and shared a few photos from the TCMB this is my mom body photo shoot.

midwest pillowtalk became lattes & laughter. the blog got a full face lift! i am hoping that 2016 has A LOT more blog posts on this here little space of mine. i finally caved and followed the bandwagon for signing up to do my first stitch fix. spoiler : i loved the experience, i didn't love the items i got. i promised i would do it again, but so far i haven't. lakely started sitting on her own unassisted the first week. she was real close at the end of october but still tumbling over some. for thanksgiving, we celebrated with my mom & dad and ditched the traditional set up. instead we went bowling and it was a lot of fun! it was lakes first thanksgiving, and crues first time bowling. so glad we did that! 

lakelys first christmas! and the first here in our new home. i am not sure that we will still be here next year, so it was kind of different, but yet special. we celebrated our baby girl being with us for 6 months and had our first snow day! no one is a fan of the snow here. the first weekend of december we drove to iowa to see nicole, my same friend who we saw earlier in the year during our pregnancies. this time we got to play with the babies and she took lakes 6 month photos. we ventured out to a christmas tree farm and she took some of us as a family too. i absolutely LOVE them and now i always want to drive to iowa, to see her and take photos! our other weekends were spent shopping, visiting fair grounds for light displays and seeing santa twice! first we had breakfast with him at the maple grove community center, where crue wanted NOTHING to do with him. but the second time at macys, he warmed up a tad more! lakely however reallllly loved the macys santa.