Monday, January 18, 2016

LC : 7 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: we did go in for the second dose of her flu shot on 1/14/16 and i asked to weigh her quickly for an estimate. she quickly cried and was quickly all better. heres to hoping she won't get sick with all of the cold weather were having!

height: didn't measure
weight: 15lb 13oz with all of her clothes & shoes on. so we are guessing maybe 15lbs 5oz or so. which is an awesome weight gain from our 6 month check up last month!
head: didn't measure

diapers: honest size 2

clothes: slooowwly outgrowing our 0-3 and entering 3-6. i tried some of our summer clothing on her from last year that she never got to wear because she was such a peanut, and surprisingly she fit! there were still some baby gap "up to 7" and 0-3 rompers that she can wear. i don't expect them to last all summer, so now i'm thinking we need a vacation to get some use out of those!

eating/drinking: little lady will take a bottle now, which is nice because i have been able to get away with twin cities moms blog for some events and moms night out without needing to worry. i still nurse her fully through the day and night. we started solids last month with BLW and she is diving right into that! potatoes, lasagna, chicken, pasta. she tried green peppers this month and gums them to death. she's probably happiest when eating, our little chunk!

napping/sleeping: my babies hate their crib. she was doing so well. but we are currently co-sleeping and she's still waking up every 2-3 hours. she takes a good long nap usually from 9-11am, and 2-4pm or so with a short evening nap. somehow i am still feeling like its not enough! she is definitely not the sleeper that her brother and mama are.

hates: being hungry and seeing other people eat when she's not also eating. man she gets quite the attitude!

loves: daddy-o! he is without a doubt her first crush. girlfriend also loves bath time. giggles uncontrollably when you play with her legs and pull them apart. chuckles hysterically when her big brother cries.. ha ha ha!

extra news: 
- we had hopes to book a cruise and leave 1/17 but the night we went to book it sold out :( crue's first cruise was at the end of 7 months and he turned 8 months on the ship so we thought it would be awesome that both babies got to cruise around the same age for their first time! but i am not sure if we will be able to sneak one in before the one we already have booked on 3/17. anxious to experience new things with our babies though!
however, one of our church members were on a mommy/daughter cruise vacation and on an excursion in jamaica, there was a bus accident and the mother passed away. our church community is just devastated. pastor rick flew to jamaica to be with his 9 year old daughter who was in surgery and bring her home.
isaiah and i keep thinking how close to home that hit, and all the "what if's".. its just a scary thing. we are deeply saddened and greatly praying for the glewwe family.
- twin cities moms blog had their first meeting for the events team and i got to escape for about 3.5 hours - it was lovely! i really never left crue and i am just now starting to leave lakely. they both stay home with isaiah and its just absolutely refreshing. i love working with that team of wonderful and fun women!
- lakely drools a lot, but still has no teeth
- crue is talking a lot, and absolutely loves lakely. he is always so excited to see her and is really protective for a 2.5 year old!
- packers lost the second play off game :( but we are so happy for larry fitzgerald!
- lakely hit 32 weeks, and i can't believe were only 20 away from a one year old!

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  1. SEVEN? No. No. No. Make it stop already!!
    Also - she is a PEANUT! Love her.