Tuesday, February 23, 2016


well well well. here we are.

i don't know how we got to this point, it sure has come so fast.
the last year, the last 6 months - this boy has grown leaps and bounds.
he has matured so much since we brought his baby sister in to the world.

we moved into our new place in september, he could fit under the kitchen island. now just 5 months later, he can't fit under and has bonked his head more times than we can count. just in august, too short to go on majority of the rides at the state fair - can now reach anything he desires and everything he shouldn't.

my mischievous determined independent boy. 

my sour patch kid for sure.

he goes 110% from sun up to sun down. he loves to run. he screams non stop if he has to be in the stroller for some reason, because he is not running. he loves sports. he will play football, golf, hockey or baseball all day long. he will copy tennis on the tv. he will copy swimming on tv, and pretend to jump off our couch into a pool of water and move his arms back and forth. he is always physical. he is fierce. 

we are working on potty training. he will go in the potty when we bring him in there and make him try. but he will not tell us yet when he has to go. i think we have a ways to go and a lot of work to do. we've been touring preschools for him to begin in the fall when he will be 3, so potty trained by then he must be! my stubborn boy.

within the last few weeks, we've taken a trip to the doctor for each kiddo for a cold. it wasn't his yearly checkup, but enough for us to check in on his weight. theres no doctor appointment until he turns 3, so i am unsure of his exact height (somewhere above 32in) and he weighs 25lbs. 

he feels so much heavier than 25lbs when he falls asleep in the car and manages to stay asleep as isaiah or i carry him in and bring him into his bed.

exactly a two year difference
feb 2 2014 / feb 2 2016

a one year difference / valentines day
2015 & 2016

even though he showers lakely with kisses multiple times a day, he is so strong. and he is so forceful. i sometimes am convinced that he is a grade A asshole. he wants to hug his sister, but he hugs her like he is the hulk. and is completely unaware of how much bigger he is compared to her - or anyone else! he will get a good squeeze on sissy, mama and daddy - so we are working on how to be gentle and what it means to be gentle. i sometimes think maybe he should have been the second kid so someone could pick on him! ;) 

nothing has changed on the sleep front. he is just like his mama. 
a night owl. prefers to sleep in. still co-sleeping. now add lakely to the mix.
full bed. full hearts.

were getting ready to go on another cruise in a few weeks! it'll be his second. we are so anxious to see how he explores the ship this time around. his first (in march 2014), he was crawling around, drinking bottles and gnawing on finger foods. now he is a full blown active wild running machine! 

he loves being in target. we go every friday evening to grocery shop for the following week and usually let him walk free along beside us instead of being in the cart since it is pretty empty on a friday night. we all prefer it over the busy sunday's! 

he isn't in to coloring. doesn't care about reading books. 

his speech has improved greatly and we are so very thankful. were working on potty training - but its no fun for anyone & extremely frazzling. we've been touring PRESCHOOLS!!!!! and they all require your child to be potty trained, so heres hoping he gets bit by the potty training bug by august! 

crue, you make our hearts so full. you make us laugh every single day. we are so glad that you made us mom & dad. heres to the next 6 months before you are THREE! 


  1. He is too cute!! Where do you take him for his haircuts?!

  2. So big! And so handsome!! I laughed out loud when you said that sometimes you think he should have been your second kid. Noelle is the SAME way. When she loves, she loves hard and puts the dog and cat in a headlock all the time while saying, through gritted teeth, "I love you SO much!" It will be interesting once the new baby is here! Wish we lived closer so we could let those hooligans tire each other out!

  3. Excuse me, when did he become a big (little) boy?!
    And, he looks just like Isaiah!
    Marcus was totally uninterested in coloring until preschool. I don't know what it is, but those teachers have the magic touch when it comes to that stuff!