Friday, March 11, 2016

its a plunderful life

hey blog readers! 
i have done a complete 360 in the last two weeks - on such a whim! and it has been GREAT. so i want to share with you all!
two weeks ago, i saw a photo in a Facebook group of such a fun outfit. i immediately wanted to know more. i am always feeling so boring and drab when i get dressed in the mornings. i am always feeling so "blah". i have been in such a rut and while updating my wardrobe helped some, it didn't solve the problem. so i inquired with the lady about the necklace she was wearing.
she went on to help me out and explain that the necklace came from plunder.
the next night, less than 24 hours later - i found myself hosting a plunder facebook party. i had so much fun. the girls had so much fun. we all got lots of goodies and i truly felt wonderful. before my goodies had even arrived! 
i mean, being stuck in the house all. day. with my two hooligans may have something to do with it, but it felt great to be around girls and chatting about jewelry and sharing some of the same feelings when it came to being in a rut or knowing nothing about fashion.
from that party - i got 10 things for the price of 2! that is seriously INCREDIBLE!
i went to hobby lobby right away and bought a new thing to organize all my necklaces on and hung that in my closet so i can always see them and grab one when i get dressed in the mornings. or afternoons. but who's keeping track?!

it was an instant mood booster for me.
i felt happier. i looked more put together. 

so it began. 
i signed up for plunder!

i would totally love it if you trusted me as your plunder stylist and came to me with anything you may need help with! if you want to get a gift for someone, make something personalized for mothers day or a grandmas birthday, i would love to help you with that! 
i will be the first to admit that the website is fairly blah in itself and i sincerely hope that gets a revamp in the near future!
if you are like me and shopping the website isn't your first choice, you can join me in shopping on my facebook page

the mary necklace (wear long or short, add a pendant or don't!)

the amber necklace 

the bambi necklace

the flora necklace (a favorite of mine!)

the miley necklace with pendant "be still and know"

bracelet stacking

tanya time pendant


how darling is that personalized pendant?!


joley & riley bracelets 

from my boring mom clothes to an outfit thats good for public!
jane necklace and mariah pendant

flora necklace

denise earrings and lynn necklace
this combo is perfect for ANY night out!

there are so many things. the combinations are endless. the personal touches are endless. the customizable options are endless. the girls are so great. and each piece is so fun! 


  1. These are super cute! I love the bambi and the amber!

  2. While the necklaces are great, I couldn't help but notice all the Evy's Tree! Have I found a fellow addict!? ;)