Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LC : 9 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: 9 month appointment 3/7/16 - did the finger prick for iron and got 1 shot. didn't make a peep for the finger prick, totally calm cool and collected. watched them squeeze the blood out of her finger. but cried fairly hard for the vaccine in her leg!

and then she grew up

height: 26.5in / 16.7%tile
weight: 16lb 7oz / 11.5%tile (this is a huge jump from the 2% she's been all along!)
head: 17" / 26.3%tile

diapers: honest size 3

clothes: 0-3 shirts, some 3-6 pants tho they're baggy on her waist and finally into 3-6 dresses.

eating/drinking: nurses ALL the time. hours a day. even more hours at night. 2-3 meals a day of baby led weaning. she has dinner with us at the table and absolutely loves that.

napping/sleeping: baby girl takes a hardcore good nap in the mornings. 3,4 sometimes FIVE hours. so i know she can sleep for a while. i know she's not hungry at night. but between the hours of 12am and 5am, she is up non stop. about 5-6 times. girlfriends got it all twisted.

- she's a little devil and thinks its HILARIOUS when crue cries. she stops whatever she's doing and laughs at him.
- bath time
- moms boobs and food. eating period.
- crawling to the dog bowls and splashing the water all over.

hates: SLEEP.  oh for the love of God. last night i was awake with her 4 times in under 2 hours.

extra news:
- loves clapping
- started shaking head "no"
- crawls on all fours, VERY fast.
- pulls herself on everything & walks along furniture
- second airplane flight, second time going to florida!
- says "MOMMMM", "mama" and "dada". she said "MOMMMM" sometimes like "MERMMMMM" and its always when she's crawling to me, pissed off at the world and hungry. i am pretty sure she's cussing me out. she says "mama" when she's crying and sad. "dada" comes out when she's happy and content.

she's in the stage where everything is changing and there is something new every week. it is so exciting and were having so much fun. now only if she would sleep....


  1. She is gorgeous!!! But I am so tired for you mama!

  2. Here's to all the caffeine in the world. We're s-l-o-w-l-y getting out of several wake-ups a night. Down to 1-2. I'm PRAYING for the day when we can go back to sleeping 7a-7p (like she did between months 2 and 4).
    I'm so thrilled you are going on a cruise. Please post no less than 1000000 pictures.
    Happy 9 Months, Little Lady!