Monday, April 25, 2016

LC : 10 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: we didn't have one this month, not again until she's ONE!
height: about 27"
weight: just over 16lbs (home infant scale)
head: about 17"

diapers: honest size 3 
clothes: still a lot of 0-3, and some 3-6. mainly all shirts are still 0-3, all dresses are 3-6 and pants are both. some pants are getting short 

eating/drinking: girlfriend loves solids and boobies. food of all kind. she will try anything. sour doesn't phase her. we tried grapes and she's obsessed. 
napping/sleeping: the same ol. she wakes up about every 90 minutes at night. two hours if i am lucky. YIKES.

loves: snuggling, food, cruising, watching her brother at a distance, playing with daddy and eating.

hates: being tackled & squished by her brother, being put into the carseat, being put down and sleep.

extra news:
- her FIRST CRUISE is in the books!! we were gone at the end of march for ship life. and it was the best life. we were gone 10 days and she was the happiest girl she's ever been. she slept better than she ever has and she was all smiles. we fell in love with her on a whole new deeper level! she also rocked every single airplane flight this time around. thank you jesus. 
- learned "SO BIG!" and raises her hands
- says "more", "mama", "dada", and "hi" well enough for us to understand. works on saying "poop", does "more" and "milk" in sign language. 
- walks along furniture really quick, i think she could be close to walking if she was an only child
- slowly getting better at standing alone, but still needs to rest or lean against something for majority
- mamas plunder business is doing well and is SO much fun
- daddy left for a work trip and tested everyones patience 
- drinks out of straws like a pro and loves to use her sippy with a small amount of water during the day 

little miss lake, i can't believe you are less than two months away from being our ONE YEAR OLD!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

my favorite place in the world.

day 3

after our day at sea, we arrived in Labadee. Labadee is a private island owned by RCCL in the corner of Haiti. 
it happens to be one of my favorite places in the world. never in my life am i more at peace and relaxed, than when i am in Labadee.
this was my 3rd or 4th time being there on a cruise ship, and it does not disappoint.
there isn't much on the island as far as restaurants and shops go - so the cruise ship crew actually brings lunch on the island to us and creates a huge BBQ. the locals come out to try and sell handmade items, and besides the roller coaster, zip line and water toys that royal provides - its really a day to do nothing! 
this is where crue crawled into the ocean and experienced the waves for the first time ever. this is the first cruise port we attended as a family of 4. its just love all around!

lakely fell asleep on the little ride over to columbus cove, my favorite spot to be on the island. girlfriend took a little snooze in the sun while isaiah and crue played football and crue got acquainted with the ocean again. i don't know what it is with toddlers.. but boyfriend FREAKED out about having dirty feet. lawd help me.
note to self : invest water shoes for the next trip

both kids took a nap on the island so we were one of the very last people to get back on the ship. crue started going to the bathroom on the potty so we had promised him a toy and took him to the shops once we got back on board. outside the shops, the swimmers were practicing for the water show at the aqua theater so we decided to hang out there as we sailed away! the red car was probably crue's favorite thing besides golf, and we had to go there every day so he could drive it for a bit. we took the kids on the carousel before getting ready for dinner, went to see the oasis of the dreams water show and finally headed to bed. the sun wore EVERYONE out that day!