Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LC : 11 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: no appointment until the day after her birthday!
height: home measurement says 25in
weight: i am guessing somewhere around 18lbs.
head: not as big as her brothers ;)

diapers: honest size 3 and target brand size 3
clothes: mostly 3-6 yet. actually twice in the last week, she wore something labeled newborn! oshkosh and cherokee i think it was. crazy sizing.

eating/drinking: loves solids. every one in our house hates mushrooms, but an appetizer that we ordered while out the other night at the lookout had a bunch on the side. of course she was mad that everyone else was eating besides her, so we gave those a shot. and girlfriend loved herself some mushrooms! ::shudder:: she's still nursing, a lot through out the day and too often through out the night. refuses bottles. typical.
napping/sleeping: lakes starting to wake up earlier in the mornings. she use to wake up around 9am to eat and fall right back asleep until 11am or so, then nap with crue somewhere in the 2-4 range. now she's up around 9 and stays up for a good amount of time. now its tricky because she's ready for an early afternoon nap around 11-12, and while its never really long - she doesn't want to nap when crue does. i think my days of getting them both to nap at the same time may be numbered (but then again, I'm only able to write this post because they're both napping now, ha)!

loves: snuggling with mama, climbing on our dog lambeau, playing peek a boo and having people pretend to eat her hands, she laughs super hard. bath time is always a big win, she loves the water and pools.

hates: the word no. and were in a new stage where she's not a fan of not being held.

extra news: 
- one month away from ONE! i am in complete awe and utter denial. i can't believe were already so far in!
- GERMANY GERMANY GERMANY. we will be gone for two weeks visiting family, many that both her and crue will be meeting for the first time!
- 12 hour plane ride, ill let you know how that goes if we all survive.
- realllllly close to standing on her own and walking. she will walk super fast if she can hold on to something whether it be your shirt, your sweatpants, your pinky or the couch - but once you let go she becomes a chicken and squats down. she really likes to walk holding crues hand :) its sweet.
- i think mama is her favorite word, and her favorite person.
- were in first birthday planning mode! the theme is donuts and coffee. she was born on national donut day, so i couldn't not do it!
- took a dip in the pool on our first mothers day together! she loved it. splash baby.