Monday, March 28, 2016

florida. what a dream.

back in march we took another cruise, and it was as dreamy as dreamy can get.

we flew into florida a day early, got to the hotel around 5, checked in and took a little breather after two flights with the two kiddos.
it wasn't long before we were hungry and set out on a venture for food.
across from the hotel was a mcdonalds, next to a strip mall, next to dunkin donuts! we don't have dunkin donuts in minnesota, and if I'm being honest - thats the sole reason as to why i booked that hotel! but before you think I'm crazy, we never made it to dunkin donuts :(
the strip mall had a sports bar and i love pub food - so we ventured into there for dinner. two steps in and we realize we are in a HUGE packer bar! the owners were from green bay wisconsin!
seriously. we need to move to florida. stat.
after dinner, it was the usual bed time situation so we could wake up early and get into cruise mode! low and behold things got crazy. we had to be downstairs to catch the shuttle and we were probably the last ones rolling up. i had huge hopes of going to dunkin donuts for some iced coffee and my husband just said that there was no way we would make it. so mcdonalds iced coffee it was. that place was a MAD HOUSE. I'm still convinced i could have made it to dunkin donuts in the time we waited at mcdonalds.
i think we were the last 4 of 6 people on the shuttle and had to sit apart. i got lakely on my lap with the diaper bag and my iced coffee, my husband got crue with nothing. i got stuck next to an old lady who kept talking to me about parenting and handing me her dirty handkerchiefs to wipe lakes nose with while judging me and isaiah got to sit between the cool kids who just got married and engaged.

from the moment we got off the shuttle, we were treated like royalty. which is why i love royal caribbean. seriously. loyal to royal. for life. the luggage handlers helped us get our bags, find some diapers and they were so patient with us while we juggled the kids. when we got into the port terminal, we got to skip the long line, people were friendly with helping us pass through ropes and manage the stroller, they were chatty with my kids and checked us in quick!

this was crue's 2nd cruise and lakely's first. my 5th and isaiah's 4th.
listen to me when i say this : we will live on a cruise ship someday.

day one was just boarding. we got on around 12:30, had some pizza on the promenade and lakely crashed in the stroller. we can't get into our rooms until 1 so we ventured the ship and crue took it all in. he was specifically obsessed with the old fashion car at the end of the promenade. before we knew it, we were able to go to our room! we got a balcony again and it was perfect. isaiah was a little worried because of the kids but i think it was a huge game changer. crue was definitely a big fan.

at the back of our ship, the Oasis of the Seas, there is a huge aqua theater. there is so much hype when you board the ship. everyone has their happy pants on. no one is at work. the drinks are flowing. the food is free. the weather is warm. the music is jammin'. it is THE LIFE. the aqua theater was playing a dreamwork show for the kids with characters and lakely was living it up.

crue found the golf course on our way to the back of the ship so we could wave and say goodbye. its totally like the titanic. everyone on the ship waves to everyone on the land its nostalgic.

we sailed away around 5pm and were ocean bound for the next 9 days of bliss!


  1. How fun!! Just got back from a 7 night cruise with RC, we also took our two year old and had a balcony, def worth every penny!!!

  2. Can't wait to read about the rest of your cruise !