Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blooma Twin Cities

i think i have been living in a bubble the last (almost) 3 years of being a mom. lets not even mention the time being pregnant!

the other weekend, i woke up on a saturday morning and got to spend some one on one time with lakely. isaiah and crue hung back at home while lake and i tackled on baby wearing barre together!

she was a pretty good teammate, and definitely made going a lot easier!

i wasn't sure what to expect, so i started out by checking out Blooma, a place i have heard other twin city moms mention in conversation. since i knew this was a place with classes, i was a little hesitant on time schedules and didn't know what to expect. but i was so relieved! the options they have are endless, and it was easy to find something that worked for us. i was easily able to choose a time that i knew would work for both lake and i. an hour long class would be much better for the both of us if we were in our best moods possible :) and i was so thankful to find a time that wasn't super early in the morning where we could go and get our barre on!

i have never done any yoga before. i bought a DVD when i was pregnant with crue, and quickly tossed it to the side when i got sciatica pain. I'm not sure why i never looked back. i was a dancer my whole life and the amount of flexibility i have lost is terrifying!
we got to Blooma and were immediately welcomed. our teacher, elizabeth, was 9 months pregnant and teaching her last class. right away there was me, almost a year post partum and another woman, at the end of her pregnancy. as moms came in - it was obvious that we were all at different stages of life. lake was the oldest, but i wore her anyways. there were new moms, pregnant moms, moms with young babies - it was enlightening. we were all women with different journeys coming together to just relax and be. i love that going forward, i know i can go to Blooma at any time and be welcomed, be accepted.

Blooma is for so much more than just pregnant moms. they're there to help you in all stages as well as after baby whether you're transitioning back to work or need a morning out from all the toddler chaos. my first experience was for Barre, but they have massages, chiropractic care, counseling, acupuncture and more!

i could hug the founder, Sarah Longacre for creating Blooma. she set on this journey back in 2007 as a birth doula and yoga instructor to create this sanctuary for moms across the board. and were all so glad she did.

after i loved my first class, i was a little worried about what it might cost for me to continue going more and enjoying this class on a weekly basis. so i had to look it up when i got home. and when i did, i was elated to find out that blooma IS affordable and something our family can do! for $84 a month, you can get unlimited access to all of the classes at Blooma, barre and more! with that pass, you also get 15% off retail, workshops and education. try yourself not to be tempted with the cute tees and things they have when you walk in!

if you want to try Blooma, i highly encourage you! each location has a weekly happy hour class that you can attend for just $10 as well as free new moms groups! log on to to see if which of their three locations is closest to you, whether it be minneapolis, st.paul or plymouth!

trust me when i say, don't let the fear hold you back. i sure wish that wasn't my excuse these last few years.

Monday, June 27, 2016

LC : 12 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: monday afternoon, 6/6/16 - the day after she turned 1
height: 29"in
weight: 18lb 5oz
head: 17 3/4"

diapers: target and honest size 3

clothes: about 80% 3-6 (we have even been wearing some of our baby gap 0-3 rompers lately that she never got to wear last summer because they were too big!!) and a few 6m or 9m, depending on brands. shoes are size 2, finally.

eating/drinking: she loves food. really. really. really. loves. food. it seems like every time she eats, she thinks she will never get to eat again. the same goes for when she gets water and wants to drink. but she is dripping and spilling ALL over no matter what sippy we give her! i am losing my mind. we also got the go ahead to start milk... i started with almond milk but her diapers were rancid and runny, so we bought whole milk last week... she's not in love. she much prefers dos boobies (.)(.)

napping/sleeping: she usually wakes up around 8am to nurse, and most often will fall back asleep until 10 or 11am. this is her best stretch of sleep. but unlucky for me, i am already awake with her brother. she will nap again in the afternoon for 1-2 hours on a good day. the night time is still the worst. last night she was up 6x in a 5 hour span. i can't believe i'm still alive.

loves: cake! holy cow. we had her cake smash and her birthday party so she got to dig her hands in... and she went IN! she loved the feeling between her hands and had a field day. she probably dreams of cake now.
she loves velcro and un-doing all of her shoes. our FP moccs are the only ones that are semi safe, otherwise the first 2 minutes she's in the car - she takes her shoes off and chucks them across the car.
snuggles are her jam. mainly with mommy.
really likes puppies and ones that will let her touch them.
loves bath time and playing in the pool!!
and thinks copying her brother is hilarious.

hates: i never thought someone would hate getting dressed more than me... but she does! she also hates getting put in her car seat again. we got a convertible but i think maybe walking has something to do with it and she doesn't want to be restricted. she hates dirty diapers too. and sleep. always hates sleep.

extra news:
- first trip to germany is in the books! did two LONG days of travel and two 9+ hour flights over night with a 7 hour time zone difference like. a. champ!
- were walking! she was taking a few steps, maybe 5-6 on her birthday. we had her birthday party 6/11 and she was still only taking a few steps, mostly choosing to still crawl around. as i write this on 6/20 - she is a full time walking babe! it is still so crazy to me how fast that can change!
- now that she's walking, her and her brother are having some really fun moments together. he's still a brut - but we've really been able to see them bond in a whole new level. and i love it!
- still only has her bottom 2 teeth
- we've noticed some of her natural mother instincts come that we've never noticed with crue.. she loves to care for babies, she loves to wash crues hair and rinse out the shampoo... she's so funny. its sweet!

lakely capri, we can't believe you're already one!
were so glad you're ours.