Wednesday, March 30, 2016


that moment when you walk on a ship... ahhh, it is EVERYTHING.
we look forward to that moment SO much!

our days leading after we boarded were wonderful.

the first day was technically the second day in terms of cruising, and we we are at sea all day! the best way to begin. and pretty much the only way to begin since it takes some time to get to any islands, ha ha.
we woke up at whatever time, i think us before the kids and after getting ourselves ready - they were still asleep! it was pretty much the theme of the entire vacation. i wish i could wear them out like that at home! every morning was the same routine pretty much, just as we liked it with a little bit of leeway. wake up, go get breakfast, head to the room for the pool and head out! our kids went to most breakfasts still in their pajamas ;) wining.

true fashion of trying to get a picture of them together in their coordinating outfits LOL sigh.

our day was spent. the time outside flew by and before we knew it, hours had gone by! lakely and crue both took a short nap outside near the pool so once they woke up we went back in for a bit, got some lunch and headed in for another nap out of the sun. of course after that - we HAD to golf! if you know crue, we golfed every single day. boyfriend could hardly walk by it without grabbing a club!

it was our first formal night so we made sure to leave plenty of time before dinner so we could get all four of us ready and bop around the ship to take photos at their little stands! obviously, in true nautical cruise loving fashion - the kids were dressed up to fit the part. we did it for crue's first cruise - so we HAD to do it again! i promise you too, we will be following suit until my kids can fight me on it :)

if you read the post about boarding/day 1 - then you remember the SWEETEST couple we met who worked on the ship. they were in love with our children to above and beyond, so we made sure to stop in and see them. 

the wife, andreea - she loved them both but crue was her weak spot! 

the husband, alin - lakely had him wrapped around her finger! 

after dinner, we went to a late night show from a group of acapella(?) singers and they were outstanding! i think they were called the edge effect. they did amazing cover songs and were just so good. not knowing how the kids would handle it, we made sure to sit up higher near the exits of the top floor in the theater. lakely fell asleep during the show and crue was into it! one point he just decided to get up and dance behind us with all the open seating. a bachelorette party was drinking in the balcony and they gave crue a lot of attention! i don't know who loved it more. once that was over, it was already a late night so back to the room we went for bed! 

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