Tuesday, August 9, 2016

happy birthday crue!

and somehow, it happened.
another year gone by.

i promise i don't tell people he's 36 months old! but i took all of his monthly photos on this chair, until he was 2. so that one says "24" and i haven't taken any since. i thought it would be weird and mess with my OCD if this didn't follow suit!

my first baby grew inches, refuses his food, talks back, snuggles like a champion, goes potty in the toilet, is getting ready for PRESCHOOL and has athletic skills that are truly comparable to a pro.

my very own THREENAGER!

crue - we love you to the moon and back.
you were the beginning of our very best years.


  1. I can't handle this. I remember so vividly the text saying you were headed to the hospital. And nows he's THREE?! Not possible, I say.
    Also. He's freaking adorable. And. I totally feel you on the not eating food and back talking. :)

  2. Happy 3rd birthday to Crue. It’s amazing that even though you go through a lot of tough time as a parent it all seems to pass by in a blink of an eye.