Tuesday, September 20, 2016

crue is THREE!

you guys.
this is so over due. life has been as hectic as crue's birthday party!

this year he spent months demanding a target birthday party. but finally last minute, i was able to hoax him into a dinosaur or construction party! he chose the latter and i was not surprised. boyfriend loves to watch all the construction trucks working across the street from our house!

we had his party on a sunday afternoon, the same location that we had lakelys party. it was a SUPER hot day - so we left most of setting up until last minute when we placed the food outside just before guests arrived.
unfortunately - the moment we placed all the fun food outside, ALL of the guests started to show up and i was so busy that i hardly got any photos of the complete look. i try telling isaiah that we need to hire a photographer ALL the time, because as the hosts - we get so sidetracked! about 12-15 extra people showed up that never RSVP'ed and i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. i promise the whole set up was cuter than these photos! we had a "build your sandwich" station on the table with drinks and snacks like chex mix serving as "nuts and bolts". our lemonade was "gas" and iced tea was "diesel" for drinks. we had a cooler for some beer and water too.  our other table had sweet treats like "spare tires" (donuts), "dirt" (brownies), themed sugar cookies and his construction cake! we usually go overboard with the sweets and have a bazillion extra - so this was the first party that i toned it down for. it didn't make for the best display, but it was nice not to have it all sitting on my counter for a week after!

someone gifted him a piƱata, and that was a really fun gift! it took us a while to figure out how to set it up since it was something we weren't planning on, but we gave it a go between two trees and it worked out just fine for all the kids!

these boards are my favorite to have at birthdays as they grow!
find this one here : Little German Boutique

here we added all the sandwich ingredients just before the party began

present table and construction hats for his friends


crue had the best day and spent weeks talking about it! i think now finally about a month later he's realizing it won't happen again for another year :)